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10 Work-From-Home Jobs You Can Start in 2018

The much anticipated 2018 has begun and the first month has hurried by already. Many financial goals were shattered by sudden hits of retrenchment last year owing to Nigeria’s ailing economy. Rather than wait for jobs that may never arrive, what if you engage in work from home jobs in Nigeria? 

While this may not be what you planned all along, it sure beats staying idle at home. Besides, fate can be quite tricky. You never can tell if the work from home job is the key to the financial freedom you’ve been seeking.
While I wrote an article on online businesses you can start in 2018, this article is a slight mixture of online and offline opportunities so you can leverage whichever you think works best for you. Without further ado, let’s move on to the list.
1. Blogging
Blogging remains one of the most viable online opportunities to earn. To be a successful blogger, there’s so much you must learn. However, the good thing is that since you’re going to be working for yourself, you can learn and improve on the job. Certain qualities are required if you must be successful in blogging and the most important are patience, creativity, willingness to learn and writing skills. In fact, you should read this post to have a clearer understanding of what this point is about.
2. Selling Jewellery 
People now prefer to shop at their convenience and have it delivered to them in their homes. Jewelleries like bracelets, necklaces and matrimonial rings are selling like hot cakes on the internet. All you need do is to buy these jewelleries and sell them at a higher price. If you’re creative and have learned a handcraft, you can even create your own and sell them online. You won’t need to look for patronage if your works are beautiful.
3. Affiliate marketing
Simply imagine that someone wants to sell a car but couldn’t find a buyer and approaches you for help. You were able to find a buyer and the sale was successful. In appreciation, the person gives you a certain amount for your efforts. That’s exactly what affiliate marketing is about. You earn commission by referring to people online to buy products. You can become an affiliate marketer with Jumia or Konga or even with foreign companies like Amazon and EBay. You can learn more about affiliate marketing by clicking here.


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4. Cake Production
Cake production is another lucrative work from home job. Hundreds of wedding ceremonies hold in various states of the country and most of these weddings feature cutting of cake. In fact, the trend has further grown that people now use cakes for birthday ceremonies, bridal shower and many other ceremonies. To get customers, simply take photographs of cakes you baked and advertise them on your social media pages. Keep showing photos of the cake while stating that you’re available for jobs. In no times, customers will start making orders. 
5. Mini importation
This is one opportunity that has helped a lot of Nigerians in previous years. From the comfort of your home, you can import goods into Nigeria from China, US or UK. The reason why this business opportunity remains viable is that Nigeria is not a producing country. Due to this challenge, there are huge demands for some products which people buy at exorbitant prices because the supply is low. You can also say it’s due to our love for foreign goods. Either way, you can make money by knowing the current demands in the market and importing the goods.
6. Cryptocurrency
Digital currency is probably the greatest financial innovation of the 21st century. It takes the power of regulating money from the hand of a central authority into the hands of demand and supply. After the emergence of bitcoin, many other digital currencies such as Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin and many others have also taken the stage. You can trade cryptocurrencies by buying and selling to those who need them at a higher price.
7. Domain flipping/website
Each year, thousands of domains expire because the owners didn’t renew them and so they become available for people to buy. Domain flipping is simply the business of buying domains at a cheap price to resell them for profit. Website flipping on the other hand means you set up a blog, grow the monthly visitors and sell to those who want to buy. Both businesses are quite lucrative but require patience and a good sense of judgement.  
8. Information marketing 
Information marketing refers to selling important and helpful information to people online. In today’s world, information is a vital component of success in any endeavour. In fact, it can be the distinguishing factor between success and failure. People want several kinds of information such as how to lose weight, make money online, how to date and so much more. If you have valuable information that can help, people would pay to get whatever book you’re selling.
9. Drop shipping
Drop shipping is a type of business where you receive orders from your customers and send details of the demand to the manufacturer or supplier. Upon receiving the details of the order, the client ships the goods to the destination. In essence, it’s like owning an e-commerce store even though you don’t keep stock of goods. You’re operate as a middle man between the supplier and buyer while you process the orders and ensure the good get delivered.
10. Freelancing
This is one of the favourites for many people. Freelance means you get to offer your services to people who need them and get paid in returns. There are many kinds of gigs (services) you can offer such as virtual assistant, creative writing, ghost writing, data entry, proofreading and many other services you can begin selling immediately. You can learn how to begin by reading this article.
So what other jobs can one do from home?


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