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5 Silly Mistakes You Must Avoid/Correct If You Must Earn Money Online

The meteoric rise of unemployment in Nigeria has made many Nigerians seek for green pastures online. While some have resorted to illegal activities, many are turning to legitimate business opportunities to make money.

However, while many people sincerely want to earn money online, one doesn’t need a stargazer to know they won’t make a dime. Don’t get it wrong – these people are nice. The problem is how they go about trying to make money.
This is what makes a lot of people vent their frustrations online by saying that nobody can make money on the internet except by defrauding others. It’s obvious they’ve tried their best to profit from the various money spinning systems but failed to succeed at any.
If you want a different experience from these set of people and really want to succeed, here are 5 silly mistakes you should avoid (or correct if you’ve made them already.)



1. Insisting on only investing after making money online
While it was possible in previous years to make money without spending money online, it’s not smart to hold to that logic today. 
Any kind of online business that you think you can do without spending any money may either yield very low income or be a complete waste of time. For instance, many people succeeded in previous years by running blogs with the default .blogspot.com domain name. Today, anyone who does that may not have a success story to share and the reason is obvious.
Irrespective of the model of the online business you run (or want to adopt), invest your money in it. That way, you won’t end up being frustrated and your online business will fare better. Remember, people invest in offline businesses for them to make profit. Treat that online venture as a business and put some of your money into it.
2. Walking alone in your niche
Some people like to get things done alone. They prefer to work alone because that’s how they become really productive. 
When it comes to the world of the internet, things don’t work that way. Yes, the presence of scammers in Nigeria has made us sharpen our instincts when dealing with people we’ve not seen online. But not everyone is a scammer!
Ask anyone who has succeeded in any online business and they’d let you know they didn’t do it alone. They worked together with others in the same niche as themselves and shared ideas and solutions with each other.
Quit trying to work alone or else you’d get drained easily. Mingle with those who do the same business. Exchange emails with them, share contacts and even join the groups on Telegram or Whatsapp. You will learn the latest strategies to help you succeed online.



3. Blunt Refusal to Learn Anything 
Many of the things you learnt in school are useless when it comes to working online. There are some exceptions though for some kind of businesses though like writing, programming etc.
The point is, the digital world has its own kind of knowledge. Don’t expect to just breeze in to the virtual world and start earning automatically because you have a degree in school. Not a chance! 
Yet, the above is one of the silly mistakes people make. They want to start making money without understanding how things work. They’ve forgotten the basic principle that applies to all of spheres of life – first learn, before you can earn.
If you’ve been making this silly mistake, you need to retrace your steps. Determine to learn how an online business works before you get excited about making money from it. 
4. Being infected with shiny object syndrome
Shiny object syndrome is a condition that is often found in a newbie on the internet. This syndrome is what makes them to be all over the place online trying to learn everything so as to make money by all means.
In other words, the newbie starts learning about a type of online business but quits along the way because he/she sees another opportunity that looks more lucrative and less stressful than the present one. The problem is that the newbie rarely realizes that every opportunity looks easy at the surface but typically looks more complicated than that.
Get this: once it comes to making money online, there are several available opportunities. It could be freelance, affiliate marketing, blogging, kindle direct publishing, cryptocurrency, domain flipping  etc. It doesn’t make sense to attempt to earn money from all; just pick one and focus your energy on it till it succeeds. Only then can you diversify – if you still have the time and interest.  
5. Dumb Competition
It’s inherent in humans to be competitive. This is a trait that guarantees our survival and pushes us to achieve excellence in all ramifications of life. This is smart competition. 
However, when it comes to earning money online, there’s also a dumb way to compete. Many people tend to adopt certain type of lone businesses simply because they see others making money in it and they believe they can do better. 
They fail to realize that their natural abilities play a pivotal role in how successful they can be in the line of business. For instance, it makes no sense for someone with no flair for writing to start a blog or someone who hates reading long posts to go into editing and proofreading simply because someone is succeeding there.
It’s important that you know your abilities and move in a similar line of online business because it’s the abilities that will determine your success. There’s no point competing with someone regarding something you’re not wired to do.
Let’s learn from you:
What other silly mistakes do people regarding making money online? 



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