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7 Freelance Websites Nigerians Can Find Jobs in 2018

Freelance websites have become a great way for many people all around the world to earn money online, enjoy the freedom freelance offers or gain more professional development. As this “solo business” way of life continues to gain more grounds, many freelancers are reaping the fruits in more ways than one.

There are many websites on the internet that function as freelance marketplaces. These websites are over 100 in number, giving new entrants into the business an array of options. So if you’re looking for a website to work in the year 2018, here’s a list of the 7 best websites you should consider:
1. Upwork:
 Upwork is regarded by many as the most popular freelance marketplace online. It was birthed by a merger of oDesk and Elance. With more than 1.5 million registered clients, you can expect to find jobs on this website. Jobs are either hourly or per project. The platform accommodates long term and short term projects as well as expert level or entry level engagements. URL: www.upwork.com


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2. Fiverr:
 This is another popular freelance marketplace on the internet. It derives its name from “five” which means all jobs begin from as low as $5. The $5 is the lowest budget on gigs but you can earn way higher than that depending on the level of your expertise and the nature of your gig. If you’re really looking for the easiest website on the list to begin, then Fiverr is your answer. URL: www.fiverr.com
3. Freelancer:
Freelancer is a website that connects small and medium scale businesses with freelancers across the globe. Like Upwork, jobs on this website are either hourly or per project. As a freelancer on this site, you get to see jobs and bid on the ones that match your skill set and preferences. Freelancer also hosts contests where you can compete with other freelancers by proving your skills to win prizes. URL: www.freelancer.com
4. People per Hour:
If you have skills related to programming, you may find this marketplace interesting. People Per Hour is designed to handle web projects by connecting marketers, SEO specialist ands and software engineers with clients. Upon sign up, you can send 15 proposals to clients after which you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. URL: www.peoplepherhour.com
5. Guru:
Guru is another freelance website where you can find jobs daily. With over one million freelancers bidding for jobs on this website, you can also find jobs that hourly or per project. The unique feature about this website is that it allows you to see how much clients have spent using Guru’s freelancer pool. This helps you decide if a client is a good match for your preference. URL: www.guru.com
6. Toptal:
Toptal is different from all other types of freelance sites due to its selective nature. Interested freelancers undergo a screening process after which only the top 3 percent are admitted. Upon acceptance, the freelancers will gain access to great clients such as JP Morgan, Zendesk, Airbnb etc. This means this freelance website is for those who have confidence in their skills and have high level of expertise. If you’re highly confident in your skills, this site is worth a try. URL: www.toptal.com
7. Xbtfreelancer:
This website is a relatively new entrant into the freelance industry. Nevertheless, it is growing to cater for the needs of clients, especially those related to web design and programming. The unique feature of this website is that the payment is strictly in bitcoin. There’s also an escrow in place to ensure that you’re not defrauded by a client. URL: www.xbtfreelancer.com
If you’re really interested in earning via freelance, you should be able to get started through any of the above websites. You can easily register on these sites as registration is free. However, the freelance sites typically charge varying amounts on each project you earn as a fee for using their platform. Once you’ve registered and have set up your profile, you can start bidding on jobs and earning an income for yourself. 

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