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Freelancing: Why Nigerians should start today

Freelancing is simply a means where you work independently and sell your skills to various clients. Unlike the regular offline jobs, with freelance, you are in charge of everything in your business. All your clients care about is that you make quality deliveries within the stipulated deadline.

Many Nigerians still overlook freelance as a way of earning good income online. As a result, many people continually complain about either their low income or unemployed status or inflation rate. This does not have to be. Take for instance, statistics from a research by Forbes showed that about 35 percent of the U.S workforce are freelancers. That translates to roughly about 55 million Americans! This goes to show you how lucrative freelancing is.
Why freelance will still be relevant in future
The reason why freelance is lucrative is that there is a demand for various skills. The demand determines the supply and by extension, determines the continued existence of freelance. Many companies and start ups prefer to give projects to freelancers simply because it doesn’t make sense for them to employ someone.
For instance, a company that wants to redesign their website may find it cheaper to just hire a freelancer rather than employ someone for the job. Start-ups that need a logo will find it cheaper to hire a freelancer than employ a graphics designer for the job. When you put in mind that there are thousands of companies and start-ups with several needs all around the world, the idea of freelance will make more sense to you. So it’s a win for these businesses and for you too!

3 reasons why Nigerians should start freelancing today

1. Everyone has a skill

Nature has blessed everyone with a skill that allows us express ourselves and earn a living by it. For instance, some people are naturally wired to be geeks and so find coding to be interesting. Others have the natural ability to write what someone wants to read. Another set of people have a natural flair for languages and can speak one or more foreign languages. Yet still, some people are musically gifted. 
No matter your ability, there’s a demand in the market for what you’ve got. So, why under-utilize your abilities when it could also fetch you an income?
2. The income is attractive
Literally, there’s no limit to what you can earn from freelancing. If you’re not content with what you’re earning as a freelancer, you can always push the price up by raising the quality your offer or by finding new clients. Either way, it’s more money into your account.
There’s no need explaining how tough Nigeria is. You can make it easier for yourself through freelancing.
3. It works for both the employed and unemployed folks
There are several success stories of people who started freelancing while still working at their regular jobs, but eventually quitted when it was obvious that freelancing fetched them more money than what they earned. Others turned into freelancing because they couldn’t find any offline job to do.
Either case, the point is clear that you can take freelance as a part time business and also a full time business. If you take it as a part time business, you may just have to turn down many jobs and limit yourself to the workload you can finish in your spare time. If you want it full time too, it’s still awesome!
Okay, I know I said 3 reasons but let me add a bonus point:
Flexibility and freedom: Freelancing will give you so much freedom and flexibility than you can imagine. For instance, you can choose your working hours and even when you go on vacations. You have the freedom to begin and then hone your skills on the job till you become an expert.
Many nations are improving their lives and their economy through freelancing. Nigerians shouldn’t be left out. There’s a demand for what you’ve got to offer and those skills can help you build a fortune if you start freelancing today. 

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