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10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Freelancing

While the word freelance is thrown around frequently, very few people know what it really means. So we have many people who are familiar with the term freelancing but have no real knowledge of what it’s about.

While the word freelance is thrown around frequently, very few people know what it really means. So we have many people who are familiar with the term freelancing but have no real knowledge of what it’s about. 
This article is to help give you a crash course of what freelance is all about. Even if you knew something about it, you will likely find something interesting that’s new to you. You ready? Let’s get into it! 
1. You have a boss – It’s you
The idea of a boss to many people is someone who is grumpy, annoying and love to give tasks upon tasks to others. Well, when it comes to freelancing, you have a boss too, but you are your own boss. That means you get to call the shots as you deem fit. However, if you are someone who needs to be prodded to get working, you may struggle for a while at freelance till you get a grip of why you need to work hard. Don’t worry anyway; your low earnings will always motivate you better than your boss.

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2.   It’s about chaotic freedom
Yes, it sounds like an irony but it’s still true. Do you wish to quit waking up so early to catch the morning bus and return home late night? Freelance can help you with that. With freelance, you can sleep as much as you want, have the weekends to yourself and work at your pace. However, the story often changes when numerous orders start coming in. Soon, you may find yourself working late into the night. Yes, you have freedom but it can be chaotic. Not to worry though because you can always take a vacation at will.
3.    Networking still counts
Do you like to work alone? Does the idea of having to relate with people over a task at the office wear you out? Freelance comes to the rescue. With freelance, you get to work alone and have your way with things without anyone giving you an opinion you don’t want. However, if you really want to succeed, you may need to network with other freelancers to learn new strategies and trends to help you raise your game. As a plus, you will always be motivated by their enthusiasm when yours wane.
4.   Having skills is the top priority
Freelance is about having skills you can sell. These skills must be digital skills. A Nigerian was once asked if he had any skills to sell, he replied that he could type because he had a system. That’s not a digital skill and freelance sites are not business centres. While you may have a flair for some digital skills, sometimes, you may need to expand your skill set so you can earn more.
5.  Hustling is a way of life
No matter how much you earn as a freelancer, you just can’t afford to rest on your oars. That means you must be prepared to continually market yourself to prospective clients. Just because you have earned for a month doesn’t mean clients will automatically traffic to your gig. Notwithstanding, there are freelancers who get to live outside the rule because of the years they have been at it and the huge positive reviews they have.
6.      You may get fat
This sounds a little hilarious but it is true. Hardly would you see someone who has been freelancing for quite a while who still looks slim (except the person eats carefully and exercises regularly.) The reason for the added weight is obvious; as a freelancer, you may sit at spot for hours or even remain indoors for more than a day. Since you keep ingesting without burning calories, it’s only a matter of time before it shows. You don’t have to be worried, getting fat is a deliberate exaggeration on our; the right word is chubby. 

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 7.  It can get lonely but it pays
If you like to be where it’s happening or you are a huge fan of social life, you may experience some challenges. Freelance has the tendency of dragging freelancers away from the public and force them to remain hidden, meeting the demands of clients. You may just have to forfeit some timeout with friends and other social activities. This shouldn’t be a big problem because you are earning cool cash anyway.
8.  You need the right information to succeed
It is true that you can start freelancing anytime you wish. Many people have stumbled into freelancing and started earning almost immediately.  However, theirs is a rare case which contradicts the experience of many. The simple truth is that freelance can be quite difficult to start because of competition. If you want to begin to earn, you need to have the right information that’s up-to-date. 
9.    You earn more as time goes by
Every freelancer would readily agree that the hardest period of a freelance career is the beginning. You can easily get worried that you are not making huge strides as you wish. However, you cannot rush some things and freelance falls into the category of those things. It takes time to develop a lucrative gig with positive reviews. So chill and keep working on orders! You can, however, expect to earn more as you continue at it.
10.   You can begin your freelance career today

It really is that simple. You don’t have to wait and plan for days or weeks before you begin. No, freelance is not that complicated. You can take the step today and join many who are already earning big through freelance.

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