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10 Genuine Websites You Can Write For and Get Paid Instantly

 Can you write articles that readers would want to read? Are you looking for a way to get paid without delay for writing articles? Do you have problems finding clients that can pay you an amount that’s commensurate to your efforts? 

As a freelancer, there are many challenges that can easily discourage you. Some of these challenges include: bidding for jobs amidst stiff competition, scouring for prospective clients, dealing with low patronage, receiving orders that pay handsomely for efforts and many more. 
If you want to deal with these challenges, you have to come up with new solutions. One of the best solutions is paid guest blogging. Paid guest blogging is an arrangement where you get to write guest posts for websites but contrary to the usual pattern, you get paid for writing for them. This way, you get to build your profile and earn at the same time!
While there are a lot of websites that claim to pay for guest posts, very few actually do. In this post, we at Nigeria Online Business have compiled 10 genuine websites that accept guest posts and offer a generous sum as payment to writers. 
However, if you want to be accepted to write for these websites, you must ensure you study all of their guidelines and requirements. If you don’t, they won’t hesitate to toss out your piece. So check out these websites and go for whichever appeals to you. 

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1. Women on Writing (WOW)
Hold on male writers! This website allows only females. Their aim is to get female writers, encourage them and help set them on a freelancing career while providing informative and relaxing content to their audience. They accept articles that are in line with their monthly theme. You can earn up to $150 writing for this website.
2. Strong Whispers
Strong whispersaccept articles about lifestyle, environment and other social issues. The social issues are many and you have to just think of one and present it in an interesting way. However, you must have written for a blog before or have one so they can assess your writing style. They pay $50-$100 and can even pay higher if they think your article is worth it. 
3. MoneyPantry
You can only send in articles on finance as this is a personal finance blog. They love articles that are detailed and expressed in a friendly and informal style. If you want to write for this blog, your article should be full of tips that can help readers and not about ideas or concepts. They have a preference for personal stories and they pay up to $150 depending on the length and quality of your article.
4. Thriving Families
If you’re a writer who loves family topics such as stages, media, faith etc, you should give this website a try. Their name pretty sums up the kind of content they offer their readers. However, you need to check their website to know what kind of articles they’re looking for at the moment. They pay 25 cents per word for articles of 1,200-1,500 word count.

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5. Watch Culture
They are a popular online magazine based in the UK with millions of readership. Since their website offers news, opinion and entertainment to their readers each day, writers also get paid daily as their articles are published on the website. High quality articles stand the chance of being featured on UK national newspapers from time to time. They pay $25-$500 for articles they publish.
6. Developer Tutorial
If you’re a tech person, you may like this. Developer Tutorial accepts articles and guides that are informative and can keep its readers up-to-date on new innovations on technology. They accept unique and quality content in the following categories: AJAX, CSS, Flash, Java, Illustrator, PHP etc. They pay $30-$50 per article.
7. Michele Pippin
This website is looking for writers who can write informative articles to help small businesses. They are not looking for anything basic but new ideas that can help small businesses improve their marketing and increase their profits. Your article doesn’t need to sound technical; it should just be helpful. They pay around $50-$100 depending on negotiations.
8. Cracked
Are you a humorous person? This one is for you. This website is a humour site and doesn’t require experience from writers. Their demand is that you pitch an idea for the article you want to write along with 5 sub-topics. If they like it, they will get back to you. You can write up to 5 articles for them. They pay around $100 per article.
9. Listverse
Listverse is a website that is primarily about lists. So if you think you’re good at writing listicles, you can write for them. You can create any type of list in as much as the topic is unique, unusual or interesting and the items are up to 10. If your list is approved for publishing, you will get paid $100.
10. The Layout
This is one genuinesite that pays for approved articles within 48 hours of publishing. They focus on offering their readers articles based on the website design niche. They also help writers with topics in case you’re finding it difficult to come up with one. They receive articles of 700-1,200 word count and pay up to $150 per article.
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