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11 Hot Blog Niche Ideas for New Beginners

Nigeria Online Business has been asked about the kind of online businesses Nigerians can earn from. While we keep offering all the knowledge we have at our disposal, it appears many people prefer Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing and Blogging.

We have touched on topics bordering on making money online in general and some topics on making money offline, affiliate marketing, freelancingand blogging. Due to the large interest we have noticed in blogging, we want to share in this article, 11 blog ideas that new bloggers can focus on.
Almost everyone in Nigeria’s cyberspace knows that blogging is the foremost online business many people work on. Going by a simple estimation, at least, 80% of these blogs are all focused on entertainment and celebrity niches. This makes it difficult for many blogs to ever taste the limelight because the competition is very stiff.
However, if you want to really want to earn from blogging, you need to go into niches that are not crowded and this is what you’re about to find out. Most of these blog ideas can also fetch you more money when you promote products related to the niche (which we call affiliate marketing). If you’re ready, let’s explore the list.
1. Small business blog
If you’ve been on Nairaland, you will realise that people are constantly searching for business ideas. For instance, take a visit to the business section of Nairaland and you will see threads asking about what idea one can invest a certain amount. When you create a blog of this nature, it will enjoy steady traffic and you may even have the privilege to mentor people in the businesses you research and post. 



2. Autos blog                                    
This niche is also unsaturated with very few known blogs in Nigeria. Do you love cars and have extensive knowledge of them? This could be it for you! Almost all men love cars (they are even called men’s toys) and there’s a sizable population of women who love car talks too. An auto blog has potentials to generate good amount of traffic. 
3. Fashion blog
Our generation loves fashion! We all want to wear what is trendy and look sharp. The 
slaying movement is not for the queens alone as we now have slay kings. If you have a thing for fashion, you can create a blog where you discussions on latest fashion trends can hold and where people can get up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of fashion.
4. Cooking blog
While many Nigerians love cooking; many more still don’t know how to cook. There’s another percentage of the population that always want to learn new dishes or ways of preparing already known meals. If you love cooking and you know much about it, you can display your culinary skills so a lot of people will learn. You can be sure of getting good traffic, especially from the female population.
5. Job search tips blog
As statistics show, 18 million Nigerians is either unemployed or underemployed. Do you have a practical knowledge that can help job-seekers boost their chances of getting a job? This may be the right niche for you. Aside offering valuable information through blog posts, you can also offer services like crafting an eye-catching CV or cover letter or selling aptitude tests questions and answers. 
6. Weight loss blog
If you’ve been looking down on this niche even though you have helpful knowledge to share, then you’re losing out big time. A lot of people want to lose weight but are confused about how to begin. This struggle is apparent on many Facebook pages and groups. If you can provide the needed motivation, dieting tips and information on exercises to help burn fat, you should consider creating a blog on this niche. It would be a haven both for those who want to shed some pounds and those who want to stay fit. 

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7. How to travel blog
Many Nigerians are optimistic of travelling to a foreign country for various reasons. One of the biggest obstacles is not just the money to travel but how to go about it. If you can research to provide detailed information such as tips for getting a passport, applying for visa, visa interview and all those, your blog will enjoy lots of readership. When your blog readership is large, you can sell direct adverts to airline operators or even offer consultancy services.
8. Education blog
Everywhere, hundreds of thousands of young Nigerians leave secondary school. Over one million students now apply for Jamb. This is a huge population you can target to reach with helpful information. Incidentally, many of these school leavers are constantly searching for where to get valuable information online to better their chances. You can also offer information about postgraduate studies, professional studies and opportunities to study abroad. 
9. Relationship blog
Romance topics always interest people because they seek for ways to better their relationships and have better experience at dating. Many Nigerians are eager to read relationship tips and even comment on stories that others share. So if you have passion for healthy relationships and you can see issues objectively to the end that they are resolved, you should give this niche a try.
10. Make money online blog
With the drop in the nation’s employment rate, many Nigerians are now turning to the internet to discover if they can earn an income by working online. So if you have experience working online, you can create a blog that discusses the various ways people can earn online and provide them with all the information they need to start. If you don’t have practical tips to help your readers, don’t bother creating this blog because that’s primarily what Nigerians want. 

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11. Cryptocurrency blog
Cryptocurrency is perhaps one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. Very few blogs serve as online places where people can discuss crypto-related topics. Many Nigerians who have interest in cryptocurrency have no option than to visit foreign sites to discuss the topics and get information because of the lack of local blogs dedicated to such topics. If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you can run a blog on cryptocurrency and watch it grow in few months to be very profitable. 
Share your thoughts with us on this topic.
For bloggers that steal content: Please know that we spend a lot of time and finance on content creation and we do not tolerate plagiarisms. If you can’t put a link back to this post, please don’t use it. We will report your blog or website to relevant search engines and your hosting providers. Linking back will surely make you look responsible.


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