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7 Digital Side Hustles That Can Fetch You Insane Income

No matter how much you may earn; it is never enough. This explains why even billionaires still go to work every day and make huge investments despite the fact that their financial life is secured. In this article, you will discover digital side hustles than can make your bank account swell if you adopt and work on any of the below.
1. Blogging
While a lot of people will often criticize those who go into blogging for the sake of money, we think the opinion is lame. First of all, if you treat blogging as a hobby, it means you give it the little attention and time you can spare. Don’t expect to have the same results as someone who is dedicated to it.
Second, blogging in itself has become a business. As common with all businesses, profit is key. Your idea of profit may vary but it will often share a common denominator which is to earn money. 
Can you earn via blogging? An emphatic yes! There are quite a number of things you need to know which cannot be adequately explained in this article. You can, however, find helpful information in the other blog posts or materials needed online.
2. Cryptocurrency
Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts liken the opportunity to blood money. You can make insane profit returns from your investment because the market is free from manipulations that is common with fiat money.
However, what makes cryptocurrency profitable also makes it risky. All cryptocurrencies will not always be on green. Smart investors now diversify their portfolio such that if a coin is failing, another crypto investment is covering up for the loss. That way, they continually make profit or cut down their losses.
If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you must study how it works and be abreast of new coins that are coming to the market. As usual, always study before you invest. 
3. Kindle Direct Publishing
What is it that makes publishing a book online a great side hustle? It’s the fact that once you work hard at it the first time, you don’t have to rework the book anymore. It’s a kind of hustle where you receive payment again and again for efforts you did once and for all.
Kindle Direct Publishing is the publishing arm of Amazon where anyone can write and sell their books provided it is plagiarism free. There’ also Create Space which can publish your hard copy books and sell in foreign countries. It soars your potential of earning more. 

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Once again, it’s important to understand a business properly. So if you like this kind of business, first devote some of your time to getting all the information you need to succeed at it. 
4. Domain Flipping
To begin with, what is flipping? It means to buy something at a lower price and selling it at a higher price. With this definition, it is easy to understand that domain flipping is all about buying domain names to sell at a profit. 
A domain name is an address on the internet that directs someone to a website.  The most popular marketplace for domain flipping is Flippa. Thousands of buyers and sellers of domain names use the website every day. That is a good place to begin your domain flipping hustle.
You must remember not to buy long domain names. The shorter the domain name, the higher your chances of selling. Also look out for domain names that can be a brand. If you love this idea of passive income, you should look up more information on the net.
5. Information marketing
Information marketing is all about gathering information, sifting out what is irrelevant and organizing what’s relevant to offer at a price to those who need the information. 
Information marketing has a wide variety of niches. Take for instance the much anticipated JAMB among secondary school leavers is an avenue for information marketers to earn. How? They package Jamb software which is aimed at helping students by providing them with questions and answers with the same JAMB experience. Of course, this service comes with a fee. 
If you are interested in this side hustle, you can begin by looking at niches where there’s demand for information and look for how you can meet the demand.
6. Freelance
Freelance is one of the favourite side hustle for many people. The reason is that it affords them the flexibility of working at any time of the day. This way, it doesn’t clash with their academics or full-time jobs.
If you’re looking for the best platform to earn a side-hustle income, Fiverr is your best bet.
While Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces, it’s easier for a freelancer to thrive on this platform than other platforms. If you are looking for information to help you earn on Fiverr, you can check out this page to get firsthand working information. 

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7. Affiliate Marketing
There are few digital side hustles that are as lucrative as Affiliate Marketing. The concept of affiliate marketing is so simple that even a 10 year old can understand it.
In simple terms, affiliate marketing is all about recommending products to people online through which you get commission whenever anyone makes a purchase through your referral link. You may not understand how lucrative this side hustle idea is till you take into consideration that hundreds of people can view each recommendation you put online.
While many people are content with doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria, there are more profitable affiliate marketing programs overseas that can you via check, bank transfer or even payoneer card. The exchange rate is definitely a plus. 
If you will like to learn how to start earning, get all the information here.
For bloggers that steal content: Please know that we spend a lot of time and finance on content creation and we do not tolerate plagiarisms. If you can’t put a link back to this post, please don’t use it. We will report your blog or website to relevant search engines and your hosting providers. Linking back will surely make you look responsible.

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