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7 Figures in One Year: A Nairalander’s Success Tips

I joined Fiverr in September 2015 and I have since earned more than 6 million naira from the platform. 
I always thought making money online was a joke and that people were wasting their time on the platform. My mindset was further hardened when I learnt that every delivery equals $5 on the marketplace. A paltry $5!

All this while, my friend would quietly sneak in every now and then to reply messages on Fiverr. It was often irritating to me considering the fact that he did this every time we were together. But then, there are some things you can overlook for the sake of friendship. So I did.
However, I had an epiphany when it was time for my fiancée to go to school and there was insufficient money. I asked my friend to teach her so she could start earning, at least to take care of her needs in school without calling home frequently. 
He honoured my request and taught her. Our first shock came after the first month when she earned $450. When you convert that to naira at that time, it was much more than I expected. It was a big deal. That was what finally planted an obsession within me to earn on Fiverr. 
Fast forward to 2017, I was already earning an average income of $2,000 monthly on Fiverr. The lowest I earn in a bad month is around $1,000 which is still a good sum of money in Nigeria. I have since quitted my job and concentrated on Fiverr. I now earn far bigger than what many working class people earn.
Here are my 5 success tips you can learn from. I will try to make everything brief for the sake of space. 
1. More Money is made in upsell
Let me explain what upsell is. When you buy a product on an online store, you will observe that they’d show you related products other people bought after buying the first. They know you’re still interested in buying and want to make as much money from you as possible. 


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Every service you offer on Fiverr has other related services. When you offer the related services, the clients would likely buy it all from you rather than go look for another person to buy from. If they don’t, you can always convince them.
The idea is that rather than make $5 from a buyer, you can make up to $20 0r more through upsell.
2. Don’t rely on Fiverr traffic
Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. Consequently, they attract huge traffic from buyers from across the globe.
However, the problem is that the millions of traffic that Fiverr generates is not meant for you alone. It is shared among other sellers who go into thousands (or hundreds of thousands.) So while Fiverr has huge traffic, it doesn’t necessarily translate to the same for you.
The best thing is for you to optimize your gig for Fiverr changes but also get traffic from outside Fiverr. You can do this by using social media platforms, popular forums or even use paid ads to get more targeted traffic. 
37% of my Fiverr revenue comes from buyers who saw my gig outside Fiverr. One advantage of this is that even if Fiverr changes their traffic algorithm, you can be assured that it doesn’t affect you too much.
3. Bidding early matters a lot
On Fiverr, I’m not just a seller; I also buy services I need from time to time. This affords me the opportunity to see both sides of the coin. 
When I create buyers’ requests, I often receive several biddings up to 40, or even 50 at times. That’s too much for the average buyer who just wants to quickly get his/her need met. Personally, I scroll and view just the first 10 requests and make my choice. 
Using my experience as a guide, it means you have to bid early to increase your chances of getting jobs. Always strive to appear in the first ten on the bidding page. In addition, always write customized bid that addresses the need of the buyer so it would stand out.
4. Your gig package is meant to hoodwink the seller to pay more
Fiverr introduced gig packages about two years ago and that was one of the best updates for many sellers (I inclusive.)
The gig packages allow you charge clients more for the services you offer. The trick is to get the buyer to pay you for more quality while hoping to get a lesser amount. Most clients always judge that the higher a gig cost, the more quality the seller is offering. With this, some buyers would happily part with $20 for a 1,000 article rather than the $5 per 400 word article in the same package. 
Since this update, I have repackaged my gigs so buyers can happily pay more and you should do so too.
5. You must see Fiverr as a real business
“If you want your business to give you full time income, you must give it your full time attention.” I can’t recall who made that business quote but it’s apt!
If you want to earn on Fiverr just to get by, it is possible. Fiverr allows for that. However, if you want to earn real income from Fiverr, you must see Fiverr beyond a hobby. Fiverr is a full time business and you must treat it that way. 
Most of the principles that work in offline businesses also apply to Fiverr. Quality delivery, advertisement, reviews, swift delivery; all of these things also count on Fiverr.
Fiverr is more than just a $5 marketplace. You can make a full-time income from it if you are really interested in learning how to earn from it. 
If you would like to learn all my secret strategies of earning on Fiverr, click here.
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