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An Honest Opinion on The Pros And Cons Of Making Money on Fiverr

The doubts surrounding the reality of making money online is gradually waning in the country. However, the level of doubt for the various models of earning online varies.

Quite a number of the emails we have received have come from sincere truth-seeking Nigerians who want to know how real making money on Fiverr can be. They were of the opinion that it seemed too good to be true as they only heard of the good sides and no bad side at all.

Needless to say, we couldn’t help but agree to their observations. Many people tout making money online as though it’s the best thing since the Garden of Eden. We are not saying it’s not either. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

As we promised those whose mail we replied, we want to give an honest, non-biased review of making money online. It’s true that no one should be tricked into a situation they’re not prepared for. If you’re a person who likes sugarcoated statements, you may want to stop now.

If you’re reading this paragraph, it means you really want to know the pros and cons of making money on Fiverr. Well done! Time to get a dose of honesty!

The cons of working on Fiverr

1. As a newbie, you will not get orders in droves

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You may have read that you can make six-digit income on Fiverr. That is possible. Very possible. However, if you join Fiverr today, don’t expect to have that kind of income immediately. It will take time for you to be able to earn your targeted income.

The reason is not farfetched. As a newbie on the platform, clients would be wary of you. No one wants to give their jobs to a beginner because they can’t vouch for the quality of delivery you can offer. Even you as a person, who would you rather give your jobs to: someone who you’re certain would do it perfectly or someone you think may mess up your work and make you revise it again and again. That’s the logic. Nobody wants to revise a job they already paid for.

However, since everyone cannot be the same, there are people who would be willing to give you a try. These are your first clients and can become your regular customers if you do their work well. As the number of clients increase and give positive reviews, people will be able to trust you and start giving you their jobs.

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This process typically takes a month or two. So don’t get discouraged if the many sales don’t happen in the first year. If you build a reputation of exceptional quality and prompt delivery, you will eventually attract customers who will be willing to pay higher than the floor price of the platform.

2. To make more money, you’d have to work hard

To earn on Fiverr is not really a problem. The problem for many people is earning the amount they want. Now that’s an issue. Imagine a scenario where you earn $5 per hour. It means you may need to work for 10 hours to earn $50. This is not a bad figure if you convert it to Naira.

However, if you want to earn more than average, you must work for it. This invariably means you need to go the extra mile to deliver quality stuffs to your client, act as professional as you can and build your reputation. As you do this, you’d be able to charge higher for your services.

The important thing is that you are patient and persistent while you consistently deliver excellent services to your clients.

3. To earn higher, you will need to upgrade your skills

The simple truth is that all skills are not valued at the same price in the digital marketplace. Some are worth more than others. The rarer a skill, the more people are willing to pay for it. For instance, article writing typically costs $5 while Email marketing can cost up to $50.

If you are joining Fiverr, it’s okay to start with the skills you have. However, if you want to earn more, you need to diversify and upgrade your skills. So if you can proofread, write articles and so forth, you can start earning on Fiverr immediately. However, we advise that you learn new skills when you start earning some cash.


The pros of working on Fiverr

1. You can earn more than most working class folks

As we showed in our previous articles, most graduates earn less than N50, 000 monthly. That pay covers almost 10 hours of hard work per day. That’s too much time to invest in a job for that salary. But can you blame them? Things seem not to be working in the Nigeria.

However, compare that with a newbie who earns at least $100 in the first month and $200 in the second month. That’s already more than what the average Nigerian worker earns yet with little input of time.

2. You can increase your earnings by working more or working smart

Well, while this happens to be a disadvantage from one perspective, it’s also an advantage from another. It takes most offline workers minimum of a year to get a pay raise. Sometimes, hard work alone may not make this possible; even prayer is required.

However, with Fiverr, you can choose when you want to increase your earnings. As a freelancer, you can start earning higher right from the moment you can conceive the thought because you can put in more hours.

Nevertheless, smart Nigerians on Fiverr don’t just work hard; they also work smart. They do it through a system called Fiverr Arbitrage. What this simply means you can hire someone to do the job you received on Fiverr for a portion of the real earning. With this, you may not even be working but you’re still earning. Genius, isn’t it?

3. You get more exposure and insights on other businesses you can do

Freelance has a way of exposing you to ideas and best practices around the world. Since you work with clients from across the world, you’d be able to get current information about trends and developments even before it gets to Nigeria.

This is a big plus because some of the ideas are worth more than what you’re getting paid for executing the job and can earn you a fortune in the long term. You can say this is a case of killing two birds with one stone.

In summary, if you want to learn how you can make money on Fiverr with the latest strategies I use in earning 5 million naira monthly, click here.

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