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Blunt Reasons Why You’re not Earning a Dime Online

From time to time, we receive mails from people who have been trying to earn money online without success. They read about the possibilities that exist in working online but somehow, they are yet to earn even though they have started. To them, it seems as though the idea of making money online is an illusion.

However, you cannot call the same opportunity that gives many people income to earn a living an illusion. If you’re not earning, the problem must be that you’re not getting something right. If you’re among the category of people who are not earning yet despite several spirited attempts, check out the reasons below to see what you’re not getting right.
1. You’re not focused on one single online business
The internet is home to many lucrative money-making opportunities. The truth is, most of them are very appealing in terms of profitability. However, you will continue to experience problems if you try to do all of them.  Just because you have an internet connection doesn’t mean you should hop from one online model to another because you think one is better. It’s called the “shining syndrome”. This makes it difficult for you to earn online because your focus is scattered. Stick to one opportunity and work hard at it till you get it right.
2. You picked an area you have no passion about
The blunt fact is that while you may be able to do a lot of things, there are only a few things you can do very well. The mere fact that you can cope with doing something online doesn’t mean it will yield income for you. You must know what you’re passionate about, what makes you tick. The mere fact that someone earns big at programming doesn’t mean you should hop into it except you want to get frustrated with HTML. So scan for your area of strength and give it your best.

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3. You’re not giving good value
You may trick people to buying your services or get readers to come to your blog but what will keep them coming back is the top-notch value you deliver. People typically get disappointed when they realize that they were hoodwinked only to end up for mediocre content or delivery. There’s no loyalty to substandard value anywhere in the world. Not even freebies can cover it up. If you’re a blogger, keep your content fresh and juicy the way your readers would like them. If you offer services, give it your best and let your clients feel they’re getting value for money. 
4. You’re not building an audience
Your audience is the reason why your business exists. It is therefore important that you build a relationship with them. Get to know them if possible. Give them good value and be responsive to their inquiries. Once in a while, interact with them through your platform and build rapport with them. What will determine the longevity of your online business is if you cultivate your audience or you are just comfortable with random visitors/buyers.
5. You are in haste
The way people are hasty in this generation is astonishing. People want to get something the moment they conceive the idea or the instance they take the first step. It doesn’t work that way! Many things in life are designed to get better with time. So if the success of others is making you feel the rush to succeed, you’d do yourself some good by relieving yourself of that pressure. They didn’t get to where they are now in a week or month. Your primary concern is that your business is growing at a steady pace. Someone once said, “You cannot get a baby in one month by making nine women pregnant”.

6. You’re not strategic
Gone are the days when you can just bump into an opportunity and suddenly make it your cash cow. Nevertheless, this is something people still do. People expect to do something passively and for the fun of it with the hope that it will yield an income for them. What they don’t realize is that what they take lightly is what someone elsewhere is working hard at. It just doesn’t make sense to expect that their result will be the same. Plan for your online business and work hard at it step by step. Some people even recommend having a business plan for it.

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7. You Are Waiting For the Dream Online Tutor To Spoon Feed You
Real Online tutors will only give you a definite guideline of what they do. Usually it requires an effort from your end to replicate their success. If you are the lazy type that gives up easily then you will miss out of whatever gold mine they hand over to you. if you happen to be a slow learner, it is just telling you that you require a little more effort. The greatest proof that you can earn a lot of money online is that somebody is already earning and you know exactly what he is doing. if you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t.
8. You don’t seek for information
Information is power. When you are armed with the right knowledge, you will save yourself time and energy you could have spent on trying to discover how something works. It takes information to succeed in online business. To really succeed you need a person that is already succeeding to replicate his success. Information is everywhere but that is not the type of information you need to succeed. What you need is usually a unique strategy or secret that only a limited number of people know and use.
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