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Can Freelance Be The Answer To The Prayers Of Unemployed Nigerians?

What do you do when you have skills it took you time, efforts and money to acquire but no organization wants to hire you because the economy is bad or they already have enough staff on their payroll? The answer is pretty straightforward – freelance. The concept of freelance has been used in many developed countries and has successfully curbed unemployment issues to a fairly large extent.

Freelance is an arrangement where you work independently and sell your skills directly to various clients. Unlike regular jobs, with freelance, you’re in charge of everything. Freelance is a business even though it’s also professional in nature. If you treat it that way, the days of worrying about good jobs may just be over. The reason is that the priority of clients is that you make quality deliveries within the stipulated deadline and they will gladly pay you for your time and efforts.
Take a cue from the US
As stated earlier, unemployed (or underemployed) people in developed nations have resorted to freelance rather than crime or staying idle. This is a sharp contrast to what many people do in Nigeria. In fact, Forbes conducted a research on this subject and found out that 35 percent of the U.S. working population are freelancers. That translates to about 55 million Americans! They don’t work under organizations; they don’t have a boss; they don’t complain about the government as we do but they’re earning legitimately! That speaks volumes.
Why freelance will still be relevant in future
One of the concerns of many people is that freelance will fade in a matter of years and they’d be back to square one. Well, if you’re one of them, it’s time to burst your bubble! Freelance will continue to be relevant in future provided there is a demand for various skills. It is this continued demand of skills that determines the continued relevance of freelance.
The next logical question is, “will the demand for skills continue?” The answer is yes. Many start-ups and even companies prefer to give their projects to freelancers because it doesn’t make sense to employ someone to get the job done.
Take for instance, if a company wants to give their website a new look and are in need of a web designer and a content writer, it doesn’t make financial sense to employ people for jobs that’s going to take less than a month at most to complete. So who’s going to keep paying those two individuals if they are hired? Secondly, it’s cheaper to hire a freelancer than employ someone to do some work than increase the number of staff for the same purpose. From both perspectives, freelance is win-win situation for clients and for you too! 
3 reasons why Nigerians should start freelancing today
1. Everyone has a skill
We all are blessed with skills through which we express ourselves and earn a living. A painter expresses himself through his arts; a creative writer expresses himself through his stories etc. Some are wired to be geeks and therefore find programming to be fun.  Others love languages and seem to be able to learn them effortlessly. All these seem like ordinary abilities but they are actually marketable skills.
No matter the kind of skills you have, you will always find people who are looking to pay for it. So why be so unkind to yourself and not use the skills to earn a living

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2. The income is attractive
Ask any freelancer and they’d tell you there’s no limit to what you can earn from freelance. This is not the regular job scenario where you’d wait for months or years to have a pay rise. If you’re not content with what you’re earning as a freelancer, you can always push up the price by improving the quality you offer or you can pitch your skills to new clients.
What more? In a country like Nigeria where the Naira has refused to appreciate in value, you get to earn way bigger than your real earnings, all thanks to the foreign exchange rates. 
3. It works for both the employed and unemployed folks
There are several success stories of people who started freelancing while still working at their regular jobs, but eventually quitted when it was obvious that freelancing fetched them more money than what they earned. Others turned into freelancing because they couldn’t find any offline job to do.
Either case, the point is clear that you can take freelance as a part time business and also a full time business. If you take it as a part time business, you may just have to turn down many jobs and limit yourself to the workload you can finish in your spare time. If you want it full time too, it’s still awesome!
Okay, I know I said 3 reasons but let me add a bonus point:
Flexibility and freedom: Freelancing will give you so much freedom and flexibility than you can imagine. For instance, you can choose your working hours and even when you go on vacations t will. You have the freedom to begin and then hone your skills on the job till you become an expert. 

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All in all
Many nations are improving their lives and their economy through freelancing. Nigerians shouldn’t be left out. You shouldn’t be left out. There’s a demand for what you’ve got to offer and those skills can help you build a fortune if you start freelancing today. If you will like to see how i made over 5 million naira from fiverr in just few months visit http://bit.ly/Easy-fiverr

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