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Can Nigerians Really Make Millions Of Naira As Amazon Affiliates?

Who doesn’t know Amazon in today’s world? 
Amazon has established itself as the foremost eCommerce site in the world. You can buy almost anything you want on Amazon. This is in line with their vision statement which is “…to be earth’s most customer-centric company to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want.

 Now, you be the judge, is Amazon working hard towards that goal?
As you’d typically expect of an eCommerce site, there are sellers and there are buyers. Amazon sells no good of its own. 
While some people make money on Amazon selling their own products, others earn by buying and reselling the same products on Amazon. That may sound unbelievable but it’s true and has always been happening. 
There are several ways to earn on Amazon. But before we proceed, let’s establish a vital point.
How lucrative is Amazon?
Well, you may read that Amazon is very lucrative and yet it sounds empty because you need proofs. Well, here are 5 proofs you can check out. 
1. Because of its global coverage, Amazon makes hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Their profit is always massive and they declare their revenue every quarter. For example, for the first quarter of the year 2017, Amazon announced an estimate revenue of $35 billion. That’s just first quarter alone! How else did you think Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, became the number 1 billionaire in the world?
2. As of 2015, there were over 304 million active accounts on Amazon. Yes, you’re reading that right! This means that hundreds of millions of people on Amazon are spending one way or the other on Amazon to buy things. 
3. According to a 2015 study by BloomReach, nearly half of all global online shoppers go to Amazon to buy the products they need. The actual percentage is 44 percent but when you consider Amazon’s growth in the last three years, it should be more than half now. 
4. Amazon made more than one-third of global online sales on Black Friday in 2015. That’s staggering? Yes, we know. But again, don’t forget these statistics are not recent, so thing have obviously improved.
5. Over 2 billion products are sold in Amazon marketplaces. This is not the number of sales it makes on each product but the number of products available for sale alone. 2 billion! 
So if you are still in doubt if making money on Amazon can be lucrative for you to earn, you should probably argue with these facts. 

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Why Amazon associates is the best program you can join today
The category of Amazon earners this article will discuss is the Amazon associates. Now, you may have heard and attempted various programs in making money from eCommerce websites. However, Amazon has many advantages over them.
One of the strongest edges Amazon offers its associates is that of the URL tracking. For instance, if you were to recommend products to buyers on Nigeria online stores, you’d be given a tracking URL through which they can monitor the sales that come through you. 
The problem is that the tracking link works only if they buy the products immediately without leaving that page. If they leave that page to search for similar products to buy or come back after some time to search and buy the same product, you won’t earn a dime.
However, with Amazon, it’s a different ball game. Whenever you recommend a product to someone and they visit the website through your link, even if they don’t make any purchases immediately, Amazon ties that person to your efforts. You will still earn your commission provided the person comes back to make the purchase within three months. That’s a 90-day extension period! 
In addition to this, let’s say you promoted a jean trouser and the customer ends up buying a shirt or bought a similar product, let’s say a chinos trouser, you will still earn your commission.
Commissions on sales of Amazon products range from 4-8.5%, depending on the category and sales that generated by your efforts.
Five Tricks You Must Do If You Want To Be Successful In Amazon Affiliate Program as a Nigerian
These are not tricks per se; they’re secrets the few Nigerians that really earn on Amazon use. I’m listing only 5 because of space. 
1. You Must Consider Reviews.
Before promoting any Amazon product, you must check the number of reviews and if the reviews are negative or favourable. This is so because promoting a product with much negative feedback will alter your reputation and also lead to refunds.


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2. Review the Product You Are Promoting
After considering what people say about a particular product, you also need to make a detailed research about the product, read different reviews about it, do a more extensive review and subsequently publish the review on your blog. Or alternatively you can obtain the product and test it out.
The essence of making a review on your blog is that most people today carry out a little research on a product before buying. So provide them with the information they need to know and since they are already in buying mood, you will most likely make a sale.
3. Use Amazon Widgets For Promotion
Amazon widget is a simple html code that you get from Amazon and add to your website or blog. 
These widgets often display your favorite Amazon products, best Amazon deals of the day, Amazon search bar from your website, etc. the best part of the Amazon Widgets is that you have the opportunity to customize exactly what it will display. A research revealed that most bloggers recorded an increase in sales using Amazon Widgets.
4. Promote Only Relevant Materials.
A crucial reason why most people do not earn money from Amazon is that they promote products that are not relevant to their blogs and website. If your blog is about dog training, do not start promoting chairs because you saw a chair you liked. Yes, it might have good reviews and you like it but that is not what your audience came for. You must prioritize the interest of your audience.
5. Make a Comparative Review/Price Comparison
This is an old strategy that still yields very good result. What you are required to do is to get 2 or more similar product and do a comparative review on them.
By so doing, you are assisting potential buyers to make an informed decision about buying a product. This way, you can generate sales on two or three products with one promotion. 
Bonus point: I know I said 5 but I’m feeling generous today; so here’s an additional point you can use
6. You Must Increase Your Knowledge of Amazon Associate Program
Most bloggers often think that their duty ends from the time they place affiliate links in their post. As Brian Tracy described it in his 21 ways to success, most people want to learn for the first few years of their life and use the knowledge they acquire for the rest of their life. They often forget that things change very fast and for you to ensure your continuous relevance you must learn continuously.

If you want all the information you need to join this train of people earning on Amazon, you can find it here.
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