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How to Rake in Higher Income on Fiverr in 2018

2017 was a great year for many Fiverr users and one would naturally expect things to be the same in 2018. However, this is may not be the case. For instance, Fiverr has been come out quite tougher than many people expected this year and are doing restructuring here and there. That doesn’t mean we should all pack our bags and move out of the marketplace.

 On the flip side, there are people who also could not get enough sales on their gigs and are hoping that things would improve as the year progresses. 
Whatever side of the divide you fall, this article should either tell you what to do improve sales or help you get new ideas towards advancing your business. So, if you’re ready, let’s dive into it.
A. Offer new gigs
If you were not earning enough in 2017, you should probably get new skills and offer other services. The foremost thing about Fiverr is digital skills. If you have it, you can somehow be helped. But if you don’t have it, no one can really help you.

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If you want a big break in your revenue, find skills that are not so common. The more common a skill is and the more a buyer understands what needs to be done about the job, the more likely it is that you will keep getting low income. Here are some skills you can learn this year:
·         White board animation
·         Speed drawing
·         Logo designing
·         Business card designing
·         Infographics
·         Create vector
·         QR code generator
·         SEO
·         Traffic Generation
·         Keyword analysis
·         Social media marketing
·         Email marketing
·         Content marketing
·         WordPress and Plugins installation
·         Theme Customization
·         Speed optimization etc
B. Recreate your gigs
If your gig is not performing as you expect, don’t hesitate to recreate your gig. A good service with a badly crafted gig would still not generate the desired income. So here are some quick tips you can apply:
·         Always use high quality pictures that are attractive. Quit using pictures with poor resolution you lifted somewhere online. Make sure the picture represents the image you’re trying to project to buyers. If you don’t have one for your gig, contract a graphics designer to make one for you.
·         Videos are important in gig creation. Sellers with videos typically attract more buyers than those without it. You can create videos online by using sites like studio.stupeflix.com or animatron.com. Alternatively, you can also pay for it on Fiverr. Don’t forget to always add “Exclusively on Fiverr” written anywhere in the video, especially at the end.
·         Craft a gig description that will make buyers troop in. You can divide your gig description into 4 categories: what the buyer will get for $5, what bonuses you’re offering for free, why the buyer should choose you and a strong call to action. These are the essence of what makes a killer gig description.
·         Always check out what other top sellers have as their gig description before you write yours. You should check out maybe 5 of them and then sum it all together to create yours. Take notice of their keywords, and the title of their ranked keywords. Except you want some trouble, do not copy and paste their gig description and title. 
C. Market your Fiverr gig
While your gig on Fiverr should get some traffic if you make use of ranking tips to optimize it and if you get good reviews, traffic outside Fiverr is also important. Fiverr is a business; so stop waiting for buyers to troop in. If they don’t come in as you want, go look for them where they are.
·         Take advantage of Facebook groups. You can create an alternate account of Facebook if you so desire. Then join as many groups as you can up to 100 if possible. If you advertise your gig regularly in the groups, you can expect some of the members to check out your gig on Fiverr. If you’ve done your work well already, they may order your services and become repeat customers.
·         Promote your gig on Quora. Quora has lots of monthly visitors who are not even members courtesy traffic from search engines. Promote your gig by actively contributing to the questions asked. Ensure that your answers are intelligent and well structured. At the end of your answers, insert a link back to your gig on Fiverr. This is will help readers see you as competent and consequently boost your sales.
·         Become a member of several online Forums. There are lots of people there who have questions in the discussion section. Find the ones where you have sufficient knowledge and help provide answers to their questions. If they’re complaining about something related to your gig, give some tips and insert the link back to your gig. If your answers are helpful, they will most likely click on your link. Example of such popular forums are digitalpoint.com, wickedfire.com, warriorforum.com, forums.seochat.com etc
Other quick reminders
And the simple but yet effective reminders:
·         Always reply messages on time.
·         Some buyers can be annoying but do your best to maintain professionalism. Keep the communication clear.
·         Always deliver on deadlines.
·         Always make use of buyers’ request. Never underestimate it.
·         Always seek to upsell your services. Ensure your gigs are interlinked. 
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