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Opinion: Why Unemployment Is a Choice

Unemployment is a critical problem that never fails to grab the headlines. And it rightly should considering that youths are full of strength that is left untapped. It gets worse when people who acquired formal education through stress and determination cannot find paid jobs. 

However, there is a flawed mentality which has been ingrained in the minds of Nigerians from childhood. It is that all we needed do was study and expect jobs as a reward for tertiary education. In fact songs were composed back in the days to drive home this point.
Nevertheless, that mentality was factual and the songs were no lies. Considering the period the songs were popular, one would easily realize that formal education was rare and many families struggled to have at least a child sent to school up to university. And there were indeed jobs waiting for those who were educated.
However, the music has long changed but many people are still dancing the old steps. Today, there are more people in school than the jobs available. This year’s JAMB has over one million students who registered for it. Meanwhile, new graduates will be released into the labour market to compete with those who have stayed at home for 1, 3 or more years at home with no good job. 
Three foremost problems with some of today’s graduates
Everyone who has had the opportunity to talk with some unemployed graduates with no regular source of income can easily spot 3 problems that are common to almost all graduates. This is not to slight unemployed graduates. No, not at all.
1. Blame game
If you would be sincere with yourself, you know this point is factual. Most unemployed graduates blame the government for not providing jobs. They blame politicians for looting monies that could have been out to better use. They blame the public universities for sub-standard education and HR managers for frustrating them. The blame may be valid but the question is, “what does it change?”
2. Pride
Unemployed graduates have high regard for their certificates and their educational background. This makes it difficult for them to conceive the thought of learning new hand craft or new skills because they are not blue collar jobs and don’t involve sitting in an office. Hardly do they realize that hundreds of thousands unemployed people have the same certificate.
3. Shiny pot syndrome
Naturally, we, Nigerians are optimistic people. This also extends to the hope that a good job will come soon. Well, it may come but how long should one wait idly for it? Should graduates remain for months and years for jobs without improving themselves? This is another problem.
Real reason why unemployment is a choice
A lot of things have changed since the nineties and early 2000s. Opportunities have sprung up with the improvement in technology. These opportunities have created opportunities for people to now earn a living from the comfort of their home with no regards to their tertiary degree.
Unlike regular jobs, the floor is open and anyone can choose to earn. No one can shut another out of the opportunity to earn and there are several models to pick from. So if anyone refuses to learn a skill and also refuses to turn to the various digital money making models (as many are doing,) then they have likely chosen to remain unemployed. 
It doesn’t make sense to discard as non-working what others are profiting from. It’s absurd. 
Digital money making models you can start earning from

There are several digital money making models you can start earning from. 
Model 1
Kindle Direct Publishing: Do you enjoy writing? Then this is definitely for you. With Kindle, you can begin to publish your books. The good news about this is that your reach is not restricted but rather global! You can always track the number of sales you make on each book that you publish.
How it works:
When you register on the site, you are immediately eligible to commence publishing. The more the number of sales you are able to make, the more your income will increase. However, Amazon will deduct 30% of your earnings if you are not a US person or if you do not reside in countries with tax treaties with the US. You will get your earnings in US dollars 60 days after every month that you have made sales.
          The market is global which means more chances to make sales
          Once you publish a book, you will continue earning royalties for life
          You can publish books at your own convenience or pace
How to start
Go to www.kdp.amazon.com and register. Once you have done this, you can start publishing your books. However, it is important that I state that Amazon frowns at plagiarism. They want fresh works. So, even if you do research for your books, learn to rewrite them using your own words to avoid troubles with them. There are several plagiarism checkers you can use for free.

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Model 2
 Freelance: You have probably heard or seen this word repeatedly. What you may not know is that the word freelance goes beyond writing. Not everybody is gifted in writing but there are other things that we are individually gifted at. Whatever it may be; transcribing, editing audio and video files, blogging issues, proofreading, foreign languages etc, there is an opportunity for you to make money off it. I mean your natural ability could be of high demand and earn you an income. This why you should not sit down and assume making money online is a complex task. It is not. 
How it works:
You offer services (referred to as gig) and get contacted by a buyer who needs the services. You both discuss the workload, amount and other issues. The buyer pays Fiverr and then you can commence work. When you’re done, you deliver the work and Fiverr pays you for that job if the buyer is satisfied with the work.
          You can choose at what amount you want to earn. The more you work, the more you earn.
          It is easy for you to register and start working.
          You get your payment directly from the freelance company. In this way, you never have to worry about whether you will get paid or not.
          You earn money from freelance without even doing the work. (This is a special secret I will share some other time).
How to start: 
To begin with, there are a number of freelance sites online now. Examples are Fiverr, People per hour, Gigbucks, SeoClerks etc. Some are more profitable than others. What you need to do is to register on the site of your choice and start selling. Fiverr is however most accommodating to beginners. Click this link to get all the information you need to start earning immediately.

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Model 3
Affiliate Marketing: Over the last couple of months, I have explained the goldmine that is in affiliate marketing. What you probably don’t know is that anyone can engage in affiliate marketing, even an undergraduate and it is not time consuming. In brief, affiliate marketing is an online activity where you promote products and get paid a commission for every sale that is made through your promotion. 
How it works:
Once you sign up to an affiliate program, you can then select the products that you want to market. It is important that you choose what the market needs (or what people will like to buy). Once a sale is made through you, you will get a percentage (commission) from it. How then do the companies know they made a sale through you? They know because once you sign up with the company as an affiliate marketer, you will be given a unique tracking link to use when promoting their products.
          You get to work at your own pace. i.e. you can determine when to work
          Unlike Fiverr where you only earn a pay for a specific work, with affiliate marketing, you can earn repeatedly from each time you work.
          Once you automate it, it can keep fetching you money without your attention for days.
          You get paid directly by the company, hence no delay
          It is less time consuming.
How to start
You sign up at an affiliate market place. There are a couple of them online such as Click Bank, Commission Junction, Share A Sale, Pay dot com etc. I personally advise people to go for click bank which is where I make my money from. Once done, I will also advise that you focus on evergreen niches like health, wealth, romance etc. Evergreen niches always make money those regular niches. Click here to see how I make over N100, 00 daily on ClickBank.

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