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Recession: See How Smart People Are Bypassing It

In the last quarter of 2017, news filtered in that Nigeria had finally exited recession. The news was greeted with suspicions, doubts and widespread debate over the veracity of the report. Can you blame Nigerians? Despite the said exit, prices of goods have refused to drop to reflect the news. 

One vital question that begged for answers was, if Nigeria is truly out of the economic quagmire as some quarters would have us believe, did recession ever leave Nigerians? Well, the answer stares at us all in the face.
In the midst of the economic turmoil, one blunt truth that many people fail to grasp is that every situation favours a group of people. What seems like a disaster to some is regarded a monumental blessing by others. This polarizes people into 2 groups: those who are hit by a situation and those who hit some good stuff courtesy the same situation. 
So if there’s a war, a set of people benefit from it even though everyone hates wars. When flood occurs and destroys crops, it’s regarded as tragic and a bad omen. Yet to some people, it’s is a sign that something good is in the offing. This simple fact is evident in almost all spheres of life. 
Likewise, despite the bad economy, some people are profiting big time. These are not politicians or those we usually assume are getting rich from the proceeds of corruption. I shared examples of such people in a previous thread with links to threads where they recounted their success stories. Like I’ve been doing, I want to help many people share their success stories and become financially free. We shall come to how to achieve that goal shortly. 
Why People lose out
What is it that separates some people from others even though they were on the same plane earlier? Relating it to the thread, why do some people profit from a situation that impoverishes others? Both groups have equal chances to insulate themselves from the resultant effects but only one group of people do. So why do smart people get richer while the fortunes of others dwindle in the recession? Here are some reasons why people lose out.
1. Vain hope
As Nigerians, we are not aliens to the concept and reality of hope. We seem to be talented in believing that for some inexplicable reasons, things would get better. Many times, they do get better; but the few times the hopes didn’t materialize can be quite devastating. 
While everyone is hoping that the recession would end soon, smart Nigerians were proactive in looking for ways the recession would not matter to them. The simple truth is, what many people think is being positive is simply vain hope. By the time things improve, the damage has been done already. Rather than wait for things to get better, how about you look for ways to make them better? Isn’t “the earlier, the better” still a wise move? This is how smart Nigerians think that others don’t think.
2. Blame game
In Nigeria, everyone is angry. Everyone is trading blames. We all know who are the reasons for our present predicament and do not hesitate to point fingers at them. But that’s what most people do while the reality bites their standard of living.
The other set of Nigerians do things differently. They are not ignorant that things seem not to be working in the country but they choose not to trade blames. Are you sad that your usual income can’t seem to pay the bills any longer? Are you sad that the cost of everything is rising except your take-home pay? Are you starting to get involuntarily used to being broke? Rather than trade blames, you can really do something about it.
3. Refusal to be flexible
As Albert Einstein said, foolishness is when you continually do the same thing and expect a different result.  
Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you’re not happy about something, don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, fix it! If you don’t like your financial situation, change it! 
Doing that would require you to be flexible to try new things. You shouldn’t expect to succeed using old strategies (even though they worked before) when things have changed. Smart Nigerians who have profited despite the economic harshness were willing to learn and try out new things. Maybe it’s time you did too.

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How to bypass the bad economy

If you’ve read up to this point, it means you really want to find out how you can also bypass the bad economy and continually smile to the bank.
As stated earlier, flexibility is vital in life. Just like the people whose success stories I shared before were flexible to learn and try new things, you need to do the same. 
How did they bypass the recession? By working online. The logic is simple. By working online, they related with people who lived overseas who were outside the reach of Nigeria’s ailing economy. They got paid handsomely for their legitimate efforts and their payment was huge courtesy the high exchange rate which many people complain about. 
Here are sure two things these smart Nigerians have been doin and this is how you too can join them.
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In summary
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