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Tips and Tricks You Must Apply To Become a Top Freelancer in 2018

The idea of making money online is spreading like wildfire as many people are indicating interest to begin freelance. There are several freelance websites from which interested people can start selling such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour etc. All of these websites have witnessed increased registration in the last few years due to the realization that people can earn income from it.
While many people are flooding these digital platforms, there’s the other side of the coin which is that you now have to do things differently if you want to make significant progress in your freelance business. The days of just stumbling into gold on freelance sites are long gone. You must deliberately plan your success and draft your strategies. This may seem like something difficult to do; but if you take into cognizance that a lot of researched and processed information is all around, you wouldn’t be perplexed. 
If you’re looking for a big break in 2018 in freelance, here are some tips that can help you achieve your goal quicker. As you read, you may realize they are big points. However, these small tips and tricks are the little things that we overlook and it’s these little things that count. You ready?
1. Be Nice and Polite
First of all, you must realize that you’re no longer in Nigeria when you join these sites. As Nigerians, we have very tough skin that words seldom hurt us. In fact, most times, we just laugh away insults that are pretty weighty. Yes, we have seen and heard all manner of insult and rudeness for us to worry about a cheap jab.
On these freelance sites, these people are not as tough as you yourself. Words matter to them and they can easily detect your tone or disposition to them via what you type. So, be nice and polite. Even when they’re rude or they come off as arrogant, still be nice and polite. Come to think of it; that’s the real way to run a business, no?
2. Always deliver orders fast
As Nigerians, we have the natural habit of doing things at the late hour. We don’t attend parties till it’s half way already. We don’t read for exams till it comes knocking in a week or two. We don’t fix issues till they deteriorate and scream for attention. 
You must act differently on these freelance websites. You have to admit it that our fire brigade approach is bad and not always productive. When you receive orders, deliver them as quick as possible. In fact, you stand to gain repeat customers, not because you offer some exceptional service, but because you deliver on time. So help your revenue and your ranking and deliver orders fast.
3. Always send the last word
Many Nigerians are always quick to end a conversation. Even on social media platforms, people tend to ignore messages because they think it’s not worth replying. They ignore some mails because it doesn’t just make sense to send a reply.
Don’t take that mentality into freelance. You know the feeling of a sending a message and someone not replying you because they thought they’ve got everything figured out? Buyers don’t want that. Do your best to always send the last word in every conversation. It would help buyers rate you high in terms of communication. 
4. Create more gigs; expand your skills
The assumption that you should focus on only one thing is bad for freelance business. In fact, except you have no desire to grow your income, don’t even try it. As a new seller, you can create more than one gig, so why settle for less?
Always create as many gigs as possible. You will earn more income from multiple orders and also get to improve yourself. It’s advisable that you create other gigs under the same category so buyers can see that you’re a professional. Moreover, it will help increase your chances of upselling. 
5. Promote your Fiverr profile
You’re not the only one joining Freelance websites, so don’t just expect orders to start coming in massively. While these sites are happy you registered with them because you swell their numbers, they’re not too excited about you because you’re not the only one. They just want to make money by connecting buyers and sellers.
So when you get aboard, don’t wait for the site to promote your gig. It’s your profile; it’s your gig, so it is your job. There are many ways of promoting your gig and some of them including owning a blog to display your portfolio, actively contributing to popular sites, writing guest posts for popular blogs, having a YouTube channel etc
6. Don’t do it if you can’t do it
Stop getting enticed with the budget on jobs. If you don’t know how to offer a service, don’t do it. If you cannot offer a service in time, don’t do it. Many people put ridiculous expectations on their services such as “I will write an article for you in one hour” or “I will write a 30,000 word e-book in three days.
If you try any of the tricks like the above, be prepared to explain to clients when they flood your profile with good reasons why you cannot keep your word. In the end, you will be left be plenty cancelled orders or bad reviews. 
7. Write all your description yourself
When you join a freelance site, you’re advised to check out some of the top-rated seller to see how they write the description about themselves and the services they offer. The logic is simple: copy what is working.
However, don’t take that logic literally. The copy and paste business may land you in trouble if the real seller finds out. Furthermore, when you copy such descriptions, your gig would have a voice that’s different from your personality and buyers can easily spot this when they interact with you. Instead of copying everything, simple take note of the points you need and craft something better with it. 

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8 Always ask for positive reviews
If you think you did a good job and you sense the buyer is satisfied with your delivery, feel free to ask for positive reviews. Review builds the confidence you have in yourself and the confidence prospective buyers have in your skills. 
If you’re a new seller, you may not be able to easily get reviews as you want. So, you should consider buying some fake reviews till the original ones arrives.
9. Avoid grammatical errors
Grammatical errors are a turn off for anybody at any time. Most buyers have eyes to quickly spot errors in your gig description or the chat with you. They may excuse a mistake but making two or more grammatical blunders is too much for many of them. 
So always crosscheck your spellings and your tenses before you either publish your gig or send your messages. And for the sake of everything you hold dear, avoid the common mistake of wrongly using “I am” and “Am” in everything you write.
10. Always look out for the latest information
Information is power. Business thrives on current information and strategies. Don’t be so carried about with trying to make money.  Give priority to also learning all you need to know.
Go to the freelance forum, check out blog posts and invest in materials that can help you make headway in your game. 
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