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5 Profitable Blogging Niches In Nigeria.

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Most people start Blogs with the aim of making money by accruing traffic through the provision of helpful information for readers. It is however difficult to attain the stated aim of blogging if it is established on a niche that is not close to profitable or in other words does not pull traffic.

A blogging niche is simply the topics that your blog focuses on. Having a niche that is interesting and appeals to the priorities of readers pulls traffic to your blog and also ensures that you never run out of what content to write on.

Although there are innumerable niches to establish your blog on, some are more profitable than others. The fact that no one would even dare to imagine being stuck with a blogging niche that doesn’t pull traffic is enough reason why bloggers need to get started on the right footing or go back to the drawing board by choosing the right niche.

With that being said here are the blogging niches that deliver not just on traffic but ensures that content writers don’t run out of materials.
1.       Blogging Tutorials Niche.
There’s a sharp contrast between the number of blogs that focus on providing tutorials on blogging and those that are established on other niches. As a result Blogging Tutorials niches continue to get traffic from aspiring bloggers who want to learn how to set-up their blogs or established bloggers who want to tweak theirs. Therefore, it’s without doubt that establishing your blog on this niche would be profitable.

2.       Health Niche.
Many people now turn to the internet to get quick and reliable health tips instead of spending time on booking to consult a health practitioner. In fact the internet has become a confidant that provides answers to health questions patients would not want to ask doctors. Moreover the number of health related issues searched online on a daily basis is enough to make you confident on establishing your blog on this niche.
3.       Education Niche.

The availability of internet enabled devices coupled with e-learning platforms have made blogs established on Education niche one of the most sought after. Besides learning students acquire much needed information with regards to major examinations, universities of choice as well as scholarship opportunities.

4.       Technology Niche.

Blogging on this niche has been increasingly profitable with the continuous emergence of technological products including laptops, smartphones etc. In addition many have been increasingly curious about how and when to get affordable data to power their machines, not to mention prepaid plans with cheapest call rate among other interests.


5.       Business Niche.
Given the economic downturn of the country, many have turned to the internet to seek ideas that generate passive income. This explains why Nigerians were swayed by Ponzi schemes between 2015 and 2017 and are most interested in anything that boils down to money. With the untimely death of Ponzi schemes, Nigerians have now turned to blogs offering legitimate and profitable business ideas as well as those that focus on cryptocurrencies.

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