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Tips On Becoming A Successful Freelancer In 2018

Congratulations on finding something worth doing to escape a frustrating financial lifestyle. While freelancing is capable of improving your lifestyle, it could be also detrimental to your general wellbeing in the long run if a number of rule of thumb are not observed.

The fact that nothing good comes easy should not rob you of the comforts of life as it only takes a few observances to make the most out of the rewarding benefits that freelancing has to offer.

To that end, here are a number of practices to guide you in your quest for an overall fulfilling and productive lifestyle through freelancing.

1.    Offer passion oriented freelance gigs.
Offering gigs on activities you’re passionate about keeps you going and naturally presents your best to your clients. It also underscores the essence of being self-employed which is deriving satisfaction from what you do.
In fact, findings of a number of research conducted over the years reveal that a large percentage of Self-employed individuals derive “absolute satisfaction” from what they do compare to a far less percentage of their employed counterparts.
In addition, Self-employed individuals are the happiest in the world. Why join the league of “being your own boss” if you can’t reap the benefit of “absolute satisfaction” accrued from Offering passion filled freelance gigs?.
2.    Have a likeable workspace.
Considering that most freelancers work from home, it is necessary that a specific section of the home be dedicated to a likeable workspace. The “likeable” implied here describes a work environment you would love to work in. It would also be a bonus if other people consider it likeable too.
In fact, studies have revealed that likeability of your workspace influences Psychology with a consequent effect on productivity.
It is worthwhile to note that

Ø A well-developed furniture develops activity in the regions of the brain that is concerned with aesthetic recognition.

Ø Colour schemes in a well-lit room influence analytical thinking and attention to minutest of details.
Ø In addition, having plants inside your room can avert fatigue as well as increase productivity.
3.    Dress according to your destination.
It has been scientifically proven that the manner in which we dress is the manner we are addressed. In fact, people can have an impression of moral character, educational level, social position, trustworthiness and economic level by a mere appraisal of your dressing.
Therefore, the fact that you work from your comfort zone should not influence you to dress loosely as there is a correlation between dressing for success and achieving it.

4.    Be choosy with clients to work for.
Working with a good client positively tells on your freelancing career just as working for the wrong ones does otherwise. Except in case of desperation or financial constraints, it is ill-advised to work for any client that comes calling. Nonetheless here a few traits that differentiate good clients from their bad counterparts.
Good clients:
Ø Comprehensively communicate with you on what they want
Ø Urges you to take all the time you need in order to deliver on quality
Ø Pay you as at when due.
Ø Are respectful and good responders to contacts
5.    Exercise.
The importance of exercise to brain power and general wellbeing cannot be overemphasized. It is even more important considering the fact that freelancers could actually lose track of when to work out as their lives are not as regimented as those of employees.
A few sit-ups, jogging hundreds of meters or taking out time to push up will go a long way in limiting stress and exciting the regions of your brain that brings out creativity.
6.    Socialize.
Remember the whole idea of freelancing is to have an overall fulfilling and productive lifestyle. A fulfilling lifestyle goes across the board for all aspect of human endeavours including socialization. Although freelancing could be characterized with unpredictable schedules and concerns that borders on finances, strive not to be caught up in the web of social isolation by taking out time to interact with others.

7. Improve on what you do and acquire new skills.

Here, with apologies to Paulo Coelho are wordings that best drive home this point. “When we strive to become better than we are everything around us become better too.” Improving on what you do could range from offering better services to keeping up with the latest trends. In addition, learning new skills is an added boost that could make you earn more.
Are you still yet to decide on freelancing? Be rest assured that you will not be left unenlightened as we want everyone to take online money making opportunities by making freelancing easy.

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