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Convincing Reasons On Why You Should Consider Information Marketing

Time was when food, clothing and shelter were considered as the most fundamental basic needs of man. In this contemporary age, the need to get informed has “unofficially” made the list. Information can be simply known as the provision of facts or knowledge and its study.

It is safe to conclude that the search for information is inborn, it explains why Man had since time immemorial sought to find and know God, it is the reason behind numerous space exploration and to most effectively drive the point home, it is the reason why you are reading this for reasons best known to you.

People would do anything to get information by hostile, courteous or exchange means because they badly need it. Fortunately, information marketing has been made easy by the Internet, which is why no one can force you to deliver at gunpoint or feign friendship but simply acquire what they need through exchange or payments.

This brings us to what is information marketing? Information marketing deals with the creation, promotion and sale of information products to people who are in dire need of it. This makes information marketers people who make money from aggregating the knowledge they have on relevant niches in eBook, video, podcast etc.

Here are convincing reasons why you should consider information marketing.

1.      It can be done without starting capital:
Virtually all business that you can think of requirestarting capital, however, information marketing is one peculiar business that doesn’t demand you “stand on tradition”. This is because you can compile or aggregate knowledge for sale to people that are in dire need of it. This can be done anytime, anywhere at no starting cost for a readily available market.
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2.      There is little or no competition:
Nigeria’s population has been projected to be over 140 million, of which an extremely small percentage are information marketers. This makes the demand for information greater than supply and consequently make the business lucrative for the selected few that are engaged in it.

3.      It is a business without limits:
Thanks to the internet, there is no limit to which you can market your products as an exchange of information products for money can be done anytime to users anywhere. Once payments have been confirmed a link for downloading the product can be sent to the user by manual or automated means.

4.       You can make continuous sales.
A successful sale of an information product will make users seek more products from you. The products could either be those you created or those of other marketers whom you have obtained a license. In addition, you can form a partnership with other marketers to sell your products or more conveniently give them a contract to create a product for you to sell.

Distinguished marketers of information in Nigeria
Since the advent of the Internet, many have increasingly discovered and made money out of people’s insatiable desire to get informed.  Notable among these opportunists are a number of homegrown icons. They include;

1.       Akin Alabi:

Image result for Akin Alabi

Akin Alabi is a great information marketer who created his sports betting company, Nairabet out of money accrued from the saleof information products.

2.       Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase:

Image result for Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase:

Sunny Ojeagbase is one among pioneers of internet marketing in the country. The chairman of complete communication LTD with subsidiaries in complete sports newspaper, success digest and complete football established his publishing empire from wealth acquired through internet marketing.

3.       Efe Imiren:

Image result for Efe Imiren:

Efe Imiren is one among other women who have proved that information marketing is not gender specified. The information marketing queen has a number of investments built on internet marketing.

In addition, some others distinguished themselves in creating applications and software as information products. They are the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. The developer of PHP, Rasmus Lerdorf, The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg among others.

Many have taken advantage of internet marketing to build wealth for themselves. You too can join the league by identifying a gap that needs to be filled. Doing this can earn you earn you sustainable for a lifetime.

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