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Ideas Of Best-Selling Fiverr Gigs For Nigerians In 2018

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Although many have heard that Fiverr is a distinguished platform for freelancing, few are yet to get started because they lack information on what skills to sell on the platform. Not to worry, this article provides ideas on Best-selling Fiverr gigs to set many talented and eager minds on the path of earning.

Fiverr is a platform where freelancers get paid not less than $5 for selling a skill. To get started freelancers first have to comprehensively define the type of services they want to offer also known as Fiverr gigs in order to attract buyers who pay them for the services.

The platform which helps to connect buyers with sellers charges an amount for every successful sale of services. Many have earned and more are increasingly joining the platform to earn regardless of Nationality or Location as freelancers can work from anywhere.

Newbies who are considering joining the platform should worry less about expertise as there are innumerable Fiverr gigs that can be offered. Similarly, those who are not technically inclined also stand a chance of earning as there are more than enough Fiverr gigs for their ilk.

Creating a gig does not require brainstorming, one only needs to think of what one can do well and offer it as a gig. An editor can create a gig for proofreading just as an artiste with good voice can create a gig for voice over services.

It is important to note that best-selling gigs are competitive. To understand how competitive bestselling gigs are, a survey of those gigs should be done on Fiverr to get ideas from top sellers already offering the gigs. 


These sellers are ranked according to progressive order beginning from level 1. Most importantly, it is not advisable to put up a hot selling gig that is way out of your expertise. Go through the list provided here and choose skills that brings out creativity in you. This would in the long run help you make successful sales as well as increase your rankings.

The hot selling gigs which are and have remained the most sought after include.
1.       Content writing
2.       Produce infographics
3.       Design of Logo
4.       Produce presentation
5.       Serve as cartoon character
6.       Provide travel plans
7.       Produce Brochure
8.       Serve as a financial consultant
9.       Produce posters and flyers
10.   Fix bugs
11.   Translate contents
12.   Setup and install WordPress
13.   Serve as language tutor
14.   Serve as Virtual assistant
15.   Help with creative writing
16.   Help with Technical writing
17.   Provide Keyword research
18.   Proof read articles
19.   Provide a press release
20.   Assist in building a website
21.   Provide domain names
22.   EBook writing
23.   EBook cover design
24.   Creation of cover letter
25.   Writing Resume
26.   Video editing
27.   Provide typing services
28.   Do data entry
29.   Provide voice over services
30.   Serve as online marketer
31.   Produce infographics
32.   Design of business card
33.   Provide power point templates
34.   Provide whiteboard animation
35.   Pull hundreds of viewers for a YouTube video or gather likes and followers for a Facebook pager or twitter account respectively

Did we miss any? Feel free let us know by commenting in the comment box.

Now that you have been enlightened on best selling gigs to offer on Fiverr, take opportunity of learning more ways that you can improve your earnings as a freelancer on Fiverr.

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