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5 Harsh Truth Every Entrepreneur Should Have in Mind

We are still continuing in the side hustle series. These are general topics I give out to help enlighten aspiring side hustlers.

Nothing is more lucrative than having a business that pays you, and you work at your own time and pace.  When you make money, you are happy because you worked hard for it, and you got paid what you deserved. Nobody owes you money, insults you, or interfere in your private life. You take your gf/wife to movies, buy them expensive things, and live the life of your dreams. All these are only possible when you have several sources of income.

Currently I have about 4 good sources of income, and I do well for myself right now. If all I have written above interests you, then this is the time to take action. I and my students have set a target to reach a million Naira before the year runs out.

But before we digress further, do you know that when I started, there were things I wished I knew. No one told me or educated me on the truth about entrepreneurship. I went right inside it with the hope to just make money – even though I did, it came with lots of ups and downs.

Why am I telling you this?

Because you will finally make money, but it won’t fall from the sky. If you put your head into the game, work like you work for your employer, you will end up smiling every month.

“If you work hard like you always do, I will buy a new car next month”

Those were the rumored words of an employer who bought a new car, and was congratulated by a staff.
Isn’t that wickedness?
Entrepreneurship is lucrative, but you must work for it. If you get the right coaching – probably from me, you might avoid all the things I will list below.

What are the Harsh Truths You Must Know Before Setting up a Business

Ask those that trade cryptocurrency “how market now”, and know the response from them – it is quite saddening. There are basic harsh truths you should know, and I will list them below;

You would need a mentor

The fastest way to fail as an entrepreneur is to believe that you know it all. If you take a clue from Igbo boys, you would discover that they serve their masters before going on to open theirs.
That is the power of knowing a business model that works. Like when I talk about affiliate marketing, several people assume that information about it is already on the internet.

Most of the information you see were curated just to gain traffic. If they are so good, why don’t they do affiliate marketing, instead of depending on Google Adsense? They need you to visit their site, so that they can make money from Google.

A real Affiliate Marketer won’t just give out his information like that. It is either you pay him to speak out, or you go get junks from the internet. Either path you wana follow, the basic truth is that you need a mentor to guide you. If you want me to be, then you must make me speak up. (Visit the link at the bottom of the blog)

You only talk without acting leads to failure

Procrastination kills success faster than anything. If all you do is talk about plans without implementing them, I can only assure you failure – which I won’t.
Go out there; draw up your plan, get a mentor – probably me, get down to work, and smile with nothing less than $400 monthly. It is as simple as it sounds – information is power.

Hoping on  Short Term Results will Ruin your Business

Short-term results never sustain or get anyone far. It is the same reason major conglomerates eventually get toppled by startups over a long period of time. Large companies mostly focus on quarterly goals. Their managers have to narrow their focus so that they can keep the balance sheet smiling and also retain their jobs.

You act like you know it all

No one likes a know-it-all. You’re always willing to chip in your own ideas and claim your other team members are dumb, when in retrospect; you may actually be the dumb person. Rather than claim ultimate knowledge, get feedback from your mentor every single step of the way.

All You Do Is Procrastinating:

There’s a popular saying that “procrastination is the thief of time”. This statement has proven itself to be true every single time. Many entrepreneurs are masters of procrastination. They push everything a bit forward, and tell themselves they’d do it later, which largely never gets done.
Successful people on the other hand ensure they get the important things done as when due. 
Now you know all these, how determined are you to succeed? You only have two options now;
          Work for you boss like a slave and keep improving his life
          Take charge of your own life and sack your boss after few months.
The answer is yours. The series will continue, and bye for now. If you are ready to take action, check the link below.

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