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6 Common Types of People you Meet in a Nigerian Buka

Just when you thought that you’ve seen it all in life, just know that you haven’t visited an average Nigeria food Buka. The several types of people you see there would really show you the diversity in culture in Nigeria.

Just when you think that people really understand the necessity of eating a well-balanced diet, you get to see a sign saying “Welcome to Nigeria”

These are the calibres of people you see in an average Nigerian Buka.

The Complainers

They don’t give a damn if they are the riches or the poorest person in the Buka, they just believe that deserve the best quality they can’t get at home. You know this people immediately they step into the food joint. They shout on top of their voices over everything ranging from the chair, table, water, food, service delivery, and the face of the waitress serving them.

Just pray that such people don’t come to your food joint when you have lots of first timers waiting to buy food because they would act as enemies of progress that day. Then imagine what happens when you have about 5 of this kind of people at once. The worst part is that they don’t always eat more than 200 Naira worth of food.

The Mixers

You would assume that being a chemistry student is very difficult due to chemical combinations, just wait till you meet “the mixers”.

I once visited a buka and saw a man ordering for rice, beans, yam, egg, sphagetti, stew, plantain, and a little bit of okoro soup. I assumed he was buying it for his dog at home, not till I saw him eating it. 

The worst part is that the total amount of such might be just 200 Naira. This type of food combination is very popular in Ibadan.
Rice = 50 naira
Beans = 30 naira
Yam = 20 Naira
Plantain = 20 Naira
Egg = 50 Naira
Total = 170 Naira. Lmao.

The Meat or Nothing People

People like these didn’t come to eat, they only came for the meat. It is popular among the Yoruba. It is only these kind of people that will buy Rice and Beans of 100 Naira, and meat of 300 Naira.
I don’t know the motive behind that, but I believe that it actually shows who has so much money to spend. I once saw a man who bought a plate of rice of 50 Naira, and decorated with meats of 400 Naira plus bottle water 50 Naira.

The Silent Souls

The way they come, eat, pay and go, you would wish everyone will be like them. People in this category are mostly slay kings and queens who wouldn’t want to be seen eating in public. So they just eat, pay and disappear. Even if the dish is faulty, it doesn’t matter – nobody should see them eating outside.

The Spirits

This type of people are the reason most bukas use “Pay before Service” as their motto. They eat, make noise, entertain people, and disappear without paying for the food they ate. The worst part is that they would never eat at the same place twice – the reason is that they are on the run.
Once they have exhausted all nearby options, they would prefer to enter bike or bus and explore a new location. I still can’t figure out the reason behind it.

The Commandoes

People like this failed military school, so they are looking for ways to express their powers. The way they shout at the woman selling the food, you would assume they bought some shares in the Buka. Unfortunately, most of them command you and still buy cheap food – even requesting for jara.

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