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Simple Steps to Setup A Work From Home Business

This post will teach you the A-Z Guidelines For Successful Freelancing For Beginners.

This post will entirely show you how to become a freelance writer and make so much money from it. Like dropshipping, internet marketing, mini importation and domain flipping, Freelance writing is yet another quick way to making money online. A freelancer is a person who works by surfing the internet for websites where they can bid for jobs and get hired. If you look hard enough, you will discover lots of companies who pay people to work for them from home with terms and conditions level attached. 

Some top sites that offer freelance writers opportunities to get clients; this includes but not limited to elance.com, freelancing.com and upwork.com etc.


As a freelance Person you possess the ultimate power of choice, as regards when to or not to work (time), nature of work (to be delivered quickly or take a week or two) and the number of jobs (gigs you are able to complete). 

It gets interesting:

You can conveniently work for more than one client from the comfort of your personal space (home.) You decide to offer contract writing services, Social Media Management, Web Design, several other skills like I mentioned in my former post to make money. The opportunities presented to a freelancer to make money are endless.

You can earn as much as $1000 every month depending on the level of your skill and the kind of energy you put into it. If you truly want to make more money writing, then you should focus on writing eBooks, online marketing reports, or market research, you can be paid up to $500 – $700 for writing a single eBook.  500-word contents usually cost between $2 – $5 depending on your experience or bidding power.

If you got a flair for writing, you can try; article writing, market surveys, data entry, proofreading, writing eBooks, and product descriptions etc. These are the benefits for those who keep asking how do I make money as a freelancer with my skills.


·         You should get a laptop or phone with internet connectivity.
·         Create a new account in any of the freelance websites you choose to work with. There is no rule against offering your services on more than one website.
·         Fill out your profile and then proceed to search for jobs that are displayed in their marketplace and start bidding.
·         When you get the gig and your work is completed, you get paid by PayPal, Payoneer card, western union or dorm account. 
        “You can register for a Payoneer account as it is free, just log in to their site and register by filling the required details and wait for your card to be delivered to you at the nearest post office or at comfort your home.”

Tips to get Started


As a newbie in the business, you need proper guidance and assistance from people who are experienced in the field. The right skills + proper guidance equal to success in the world of freelancing. You can decide to go the path alone, and success would be yours as long as you follow this guide properly.

Register on Freelance Sites

There are several freelance sites out there, but I prefer Fiverr because of its ability to allow newbies penetrate the market.

Upwork, Freelance, Elance, and others are good, but it is quite difficult penetrating the market. So I will recommend Fiverr for you because it is easy to set-up and I can guide you through the process.


As a beginner freelance, you might encounter difficulty securing a job from the list of bids available on the platform because of your new profile. Many clients will run a check on your profile for a flaw and if any is found it could cost you the job!
Ensure that you avoid typographical error and Standard English is used, proofread after writing, use capital letter ‘I’ instead of the small letter ‘i’ because ignored little mistakes can disqualify you.
To bag in your first job, your profile must be well structured and specific so as to give clients the impression that he is hiring the best hand for the job. Don’t be shy about pointing out the particular field your writing centres on.


You should only bid for jobs that you possess its requirement, can write extensively on and can deliver within the needed time frame.
Ensure you read a job post very well before making your bid because some clients will add phrases they want you to include in your bid proposal so they are sure you actually understood the quality of work they want.
You can use the project clarification board to ask questions before bidding because it is unwise to get a job you don’t fully understand what to do( if this happens you not only lose a customer, you also get a bad review and that is a business killer). Keep bidding until you are picked, the more your bids, the higher your chances of being picked. Bid on several platforms

During the early stages of becoming a freelance writer, you have to be online frequently (say every two hours) although because a good number of clients give jobs to only available ones, in as much as the person meets the criteria.
Do not be surprised if your client invites you to negotiation or a quick update. Try and find out when bidders are few online as this increases your odds, some beginners who got jobs in the first week after registering had it that way.

Always appreciate each one of your clients with a thank you whenever you are given a job and never get angry whenever a client hits you hard with specific questions. Keep calm and give convincing answers so you can get the job since that brought you his way.

Most clients will willingly give you a review if you did a nice job for them but if he or she doesn’t you can ask for it. A faster way to get reviews is to reduce the price quote for an excellent review especially for 5-star ratings.

However, if you did a bad job, avoid getting a bad review which can negatively affect your ability to get more jobs. Beg the client not to give a negative review and don’t receive any payments for that particular job as well. See it as compensation for time waste.
For every successfully completed project, you receive a +1 feedback from clients and freelancer rewards you with a star. Popular employers will check the number of projects you have completed before giving you jobs. Now you understand that having a lot of reviews will put you in a better position to be hired.

Keep your bids, simple and short; no long stories! You are not the only one bidding, for your proposal to be read and treated differently you have to make it short and straight to the point because the client may or may not have the patience to read a long letter. Why take the risk of getting disapproved at first glance?
After you are done with this, you can then follow-up with a PM (private message) by using the private message board to provide more information to the client. You can also add relevant information which you couldn’t provide in your bid letter. Sometimes it helps in getting you the job.

Before you bid for a gig, you must first find out how much other bidders are putting as price and put your own within that range either a little higher or lower. If you decide to make it higher, make sure you provide a top quality service that is worth the client every penny.

To become a freelance writer means you have to be a good writer. Good writers are hard to come by, meaning it is sometimes difficult to find them this is why when a client find them, they hardly let go of them. They will keep coming again and again, that is why freelancing is not something that will fade away any time soon.

People would try to discourage you with negative reviews about not starting while they secretly make money from Freelancing. Please don’t listen to them.

If you need a more detailed guide and mentorship from me, you can get the guide here Fast.

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