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3 Powerful Rules of the Rich – These Mindsets Can Make You Rich Too

I think the picture above explains it all. You may have heard it before, but now I am also giving a fresh opportunity to a few lucky people who want to know the secrets of making money while asleep. That is one of the rules of the rich. You can check out the process by checking my secret money-spinning method.

If you’ve ever spent time with millionaires, or even billionaires, you’ll know that they see the world differently.

They have a different way of thinking. They have a different way of feeling. They even have a different way of being. Everything they do is different, compared to the poverty-stricken masses.

Everything they do is different because they understand the rules of wealth. They understand that getting rich is a skill set. It doesn’t happen by chance, it doesn’t happen by “luck,” and it doesn’t happen to those who are mentally and physically lazy.

The millionaires of the world are millionaires because they understand the principles of wealth. They understand how the markets work, how business works, and how money works. So I’d like to ask you, how many of these rules are you breaking?

See the rules below;

The Rich Invest in Themselves

If you go to a poor person’s house, what are some of the things you always tend to see? For starters, they almost always have a really big flat screen TV, a big Samsung Phone that they can barely afford to lease, and a bunch of luxury shoes they have all piled up.
Do you know what you’ll see if you go into a rich person’s house? Probably a lot of the same things, but here’s the key: they waited until AFTER they got rich to buy these things. When they weren’t rich they were constantly investing in themselves, buying books and attending seminars to gain extra knowledge.
In the words of billionaire investing mogul Warren Buffett: “Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: invest in yourself. Nobody can take away what you’ve got in yourself, and everybody has potential they haven’t used yet.”

The Rich Think Long Term

I was talking to one of my old friends from Nairaland the other day, and it was interesting to see his thought process. He believed in partying and having fun, while I was stuck in my dorm room building my online empire for weeks at a time.
…and that’s not to say that I have anything against partying, quite the contrary—but understand that where the poor think in terms of days, weeks, or months, the rich think in terms of YEARS or even DECADES.
When I first started Affiliate Marketing, I made absolutely NOTHING for the first 3 months. But like a true entrepreneur, I kept grinding. I kept hustling. And now? I’m earning hundreds of dollars a day in passive income. I put in the work first, because I was thinking long term.
The poor are always concerned with how they feel right now, that is why they are looking for quick money making schemes, At the end of the day, they complain like cry babies.

Rich People Focus on Earning

Have you ever seen one of those poor little guys spending money at Shoprite? They spend hours checking for the products with the cheapest price—and all for what? So that they can save like 100 Naira on a 2000 Naira budget.
This is a classic example of the poor person’s mentality. They focus on saving little amounts of money by cheap products and shopping for discounts. 
Do you know what the rich do, though? The rich guy who probably has lots of internet business would say fuck that 2000 Naira — I’ll just earn $100 a day. Rather than focusing on cutting out petty little expenses, they just earn so much that the little expenses become completely irrelevant.
There’s a great quote from the Wolf of Wall Street that aptly summarizes this rule, as well as my general approach to life. As Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is giving a speech to his company, he tells them to “solve your problems with more money.” This is how the rich think. Focus on earning.
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Much Love.

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