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Secrets of Making Money Online as a Nigerian

Making money online is being more and more popular these days. There are many success stories about online business established by Nigerians. Some people have made so much money on the internet that they quit their day jobs. And many Nigerian internet gurus revealed their secrets about how to earn cash online. Today, I will also reveal some secrets about making money online. These secrets are nothing new, but they are real secrets and very valuable to those who want to begin their online business in Nigerian and earn real dollars. If you want the more real secrets, you should check out this page.


SECRET #1: Never use a Nigerian IP Address

In case you don’t know, using a Nigerian IP will block you from accessing so many sites – especially if you want to make millions from Affiliate Marketing.

No other post on the internet will tell you this (which is a secret), but I am willing to share some tips for you. When you use a Nigerian IP address to advance your marketing, you will face so many limitations which will frustrate you out of business. The end result is that you join the clique of those shouting that “Online Business is Fraud in Nigeria”.

The more you know how to bypass this, the better for you. If you want to know more, you can contact me using this link.

SECRET #2: You Make More Money Selling Products

This is why Affiliate Marketing is the best. Since we don’t have much information about how the white people live their lives, at least we know what they want.

E.G. A fat woman wants to reduce her weight. I can sell her a weight reduction product.

A spiritual man who believes in T.B Joshua wants to have his holy water. I can get him to buy it and I send it across to him.

A bald man wants to have his hair back. I can sell him a product to restore that.

I can go on and on about several ways I make my money very easy, but doubters will always assume I am blabbing. You too can make money that will serve as your monthly income if you are ready to think outside the box and learn the trade.

SECRET #3: You Must Have a Mentor

Unless you want to waste your time doing several trials and errors, I suggest you find someone to mentor you. It is true you can get all the information you need from Google, but none of them will tell you things that really give them money.

They will only write generic things to make you come to their site, but the real information is hidden. So that is where your mentor comes in.

Most people will charge you a token to mentor you (because of the time and stress involved), but it will pay you in the long run when you become your own master and start making so much money for yourself. If you would want me to mentor you, then you should take this first step. That would enable you to get an idea before I push you towards securing your financial freedom.

Time waits for no man, and I wish you success in your endeavours.

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