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Tricks used by Smart Nigerians To Make Money Online

When you hear a Nigerian claiming he makes so much money on the internet, instead of doubting, I think you should ask the question “How do you do it?”
Pay attention; there are countless numbers of online businesses that would fetch you a huge sum of money monthly – capable of exceeding your monthly 9 – 5 salary. 

But regardless of the fact that you know the businesses off-hand, it doesn’t guarantee that you will make so much money when you start the business – that is why you need a mentor.
The failure to ask the question “How” is the main reason why so many people aren’t making so much money online. Naturally, there isn’t any profitable online business that is simple to start – forget the hype out there. For you to succeed in any business, you must have done any of the following;-
          Trial and Error – getting your finger burnt in the process
          Learnt from a mentor – Best way
          Succeed by mistake – Very rare to experience.
I am going to help and expose some tricks and tips that most Nigerian online marketers use to make money online. It might not be all about knowing it, it is the correct application that yields the profitable result. I will show you how I make money from this my business.

What are the Tricks Nigerians Use to make money Online?

Use of Foreign Personality

No thanks to internet fraudsters who have succeeded in battering our reputation online, it now seems like an impossible task getting people to do business with you online as a Nigerian. If it comes to businesses like Affiliate Marketing, Fiverr and Upwork (Freelancing), Social Media Marketing, and Online Marketing, the mention of your personality as a Nigerian piss them off.
This has made it difficult for newbies to penetrate the market and perform well to make a profit. Because of that, we have advised most newbies who are yet to the gain their footings to take up a foreign personality. It would give you more leverage and make penetration very easy.
One of the tools that would help you create a perfect foreign personality is the “Fake Name Generator.” There are more, but I would reserve it for those who want more knowledge from me directly.

Use of VPN

Because most foreigners don’t trust Nigerians, they limit IPs coming from this part of the world from performing same functions that other Nationalities perform. This has limited the chances of making money online greatly. Because of this restriction, we discovered a way to mask our IP – through the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
This VPN would route our IPs as though it is coming from a foreign country and we would enjoy the privileges that others enjoy. And as such; with the right knowledge, we are able to earn so much money doing legitimate businesses online – especially Affiliate Marketing.

Learning from a Mentor

You shouldn’t waste time trying to figure out everything yourself again when there are people who are already successful in the business. Having a mentor helps you do what your mentor is doing and still achieve the desired result. No matter the online business you wish to start-up, always look for people who are already established in such business and become a mentee to them. You will be able to record much success as fast as possible and start making money and profit.

The Right Tools

As you go to the farm, it is always clear that you need the right tools to make your farming productive – the same is also said of internet marketing. Once you have the right tools to start your business, you will find it so easy to start making money right from start. There are several tools used – depending on the online business you wish to start, and they include;
  • An Ebook – for learning
  • A sales page – for information and conversion
  • An Opt-in page – To collect customer’s information
  • An Email list – for follow up
  • An autoresponder – for constant communication with clients
  • Your Product – to sell and make money

It is as simple as ABC once you know the in and out of the business. These are the tricks used by professionals in the business to make money and believe me that it isn’t as difficult as you think. I have prepared a manual for all those who have the intention of starting this profitable business. It will set you on your way to starting and making money with your online business.
I wish you luck in your hustle… see you… cheers!

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