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4 Untapped Business Opportunities in Nigeria Anyone Can Do

Are you looking for an untapped business opportunity or idea with little or no investment in Nigeria? Then I suggest you continue reading.

The use of the Internet in Nigeria is growing daily. According to a report by NCC in June 2017, Nigeria has over 91 million internet users out of a population of 184 million. 85% of these users are believed to be accessing the internet using their mobile phones.

In this age of high technological advancement, the internet is a great weapon. Anyone with a mobile phone or laptop that has internet connectivity can start making money online with little or no financial investment. 

The online-sphere is highly saturated with amazing money making ideas and I’m just going to show you all the best ways you can make money directly from your comfort zone.

List of Un-tapped Online Businesses you can start from Nigeria

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an online advertising technique that businesses use to deliver their product or services right in front of their customers without physical contact.
With just a laptop and an internet connection, you can start promoting services and goods for other business online and get cool cash from it.
Having a digital marketing skill is a plus for any business is driven individual, another reason why It is a good online business is that businesses in Nigeria, survives and runs using the various digital marketing tactics and strategies.
Many organizations need digital marketers to help carry online marketing campaigns for them. You would be at a great Advantage if you tap into this Online business.
Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an ideal way to make more money in Nigeria without spending a dime. It is a suitable business to be done in the comfort of your house. You don’t have to produce, stock or ship product inventory, or deliver a service. You’re essentially being paid for referring new clients and customers to other businesses online.

The affiliate marketing business allows you to get commissions on products or services when you refer people to buy. It means you will promote other people’s businesses and get paid for referring customers to their websites to buy their products and services. This is one business that has made me so much money, and I would love to teach you my methods. 

Once you get your grounds in this business, you can make as much money as you wish. It totally depends on you to learn.
Online Tutoring

If you know something and like to teach people, this business is very good for you. Create short 5 – 10 minutes videos on topics that interest you such a programming, marketing, graphic design and upload on online learning platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and Teachable. You get paid for each student that enrols for your course.

Most Nigerians have no idea that foreigners are looking to learn new languages – especially African languages, and this is a good business idea. If you can teach languages like Yoruba and Hausa, you can just record and upload on the platform.
Website Flipping

Website Flipping is the hottest money making opportunity online. Website flipping means buying and selling websites. Many Internet Entrepreneurs also build a profitable website business out of scratch and later on sell it for a great profit.

Lots of online business people have bought virtually all the reasonable domain names on the internet and have sold it for a fortune. The guy who sold slot.com.ng to Jumia made a whole lot of fortune.
Those who are smart sure knows the best ways to make money online. 
The government can’t help all of us, so it is best you learn and online business today. If you are interested in my own Online Business, you can click the link below.

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