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Is it possible to work from home in Nigeria?

There are lots of opportunities for people online, but the question remains “can someone work from home in Nigeria?”

Several times we’ve seen lots of people claim that they make so much money from the internet, but how true is that?

The answer is very simple “yes it is possible to work from home in Nigeria and still make money.” There are lots of people who are living the life of their dreams just by working from home in Nigeria. Early this year, I set up a wonderful group that focuses on training work-from-home entrepreneurs, the result I got was overwhelming. So when I hear people ask if it possible to work from home in Nigeria, I feel kinda surprised.

Nigeria – just like other countries has started embracing the online/digital lifestyle; so you either join the bandwagon or you work for people all your life. But what are the factors to consider before you decide to work from home?

Factors to consider before you decide to work from home

There are so many jobs you can do from home, but I will suggest that you decide on online jobs because of its convenience. So before you decide to take up an online job, then you should consider the following.
  • Light
  • Access to the internet
  • The right skill
  • Information.

These are the following jobs you can conveniently do from home

Affiliate marketing – 

An affiliate program is now a household term in Nigeria. Affiliate marketing is definitely the simplest and most likely most effective way to earn income online in Nigeria. In a simple definition, affiliate marketing is an agreement or relationship between a merchant and an affiliate. In the relationship, the affiliate agrees to allow product owner promote his product on the affiliate site, the affiliate is compensated when visitors either click on the product on affiliate website and or buys the product. In Nigeria today, lots of affiliate program companies in which you can join have emerged. Like the JUMIA affiliate program, KONGA affiliate program, they purely lucrative online jobs. For detail step by step guide on how to make money online on the affiliate program, you can enroll in my intensive affiliate marketing course

 Guest posting & Freelance Writing – 

Freelance writing is among the oldest means of making money online, it is no longer as lucrative as it use to be but it is still be done as an online job by Nigerians
Yahoo Voices is a good place to start. Yahoo pays you according to how popular your article goes. You can write on just about anything but you must first receive their approved.
After signing up, you need to submit your first article for approval; you are welcomed to become a Yahoo contributor once the article is approved. They currently have more than 600,000 contributors and you could be one of them, begin your write up, be elaborate and clear.

Google AdSense program – 

Google Adsense program is another way of making money online in Nigeria. Thousands of Nigerians are living on income made through the Google Adsense program. When you join Google Adsense program, Google will be placing merchant’s (advertiser’s) website text link or banner on your sites if visitors see and click on that link, they will be redirected to merchant’s website. Such click will pay you. Advertisers pay Google a predetermined amount for each click, and Google then forwards a share of this amount to you via check or international wire transfer. Such check or payment is usually made at a monthly basis. I cannot be able to exhaust all the steps on how to make money through Google Adsense because it is not all that pretty simple as many people oversee it. I will still refer you our online training program. It is a full package loaded with tricks and tactics on Google Adsense.
Do you want to work from home? You are just a few steps away from the gold mine, everything you will need is already in place, although I need to inform you early that what I do on the web is no get rich quick scheme, to generate the fund you have to put in the needed work. just the same way you run an offline business… this is a real business, the only difference is that everything is on the web and you would be working from your home with just a personal computer and internet connection

Domain And Website sales

I know numerous mothers who work from home by building sites or websites. What they do is to make a specialty blog on intriguing points, get a lot of readers and followers and sell it.
The most fascinating part of this business is that you can offer a blog at a high rate. Accordingly making the overall revenue to be high. I have sold like three web blogs since I began blogging business.

Make an Online store

You can work from home by making an online store and earn online like Konga and Jumia. Much the same as a physical store, you list the items online an enable the purchasers to purchase the items on the web while the products are conveyed to them through accessible messenger administrations.
selling products online is one of the best work from home jobs that you can utilize on the off chance that you don’t have a normal day job or 9-5 job.

Home Tutoring

On the off chance that you cherish teaching, you can start tutoring students, pupils in their homes, in your home or in the library. Contact your school or group individuals, and demonstrate that you are capable of teaching their kids. Rather than just sitting at home all day doing nothing.
Most Nigerians are still wondering if it is possible for a Nigerian to make genuine money from the internet, the answer is yes and I will prove it to you once you.

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