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Principles Of Making Money Online Legitimately For Beginners In Nigeria

Are you wondering how to make money online for beginners? 95% of people who try to make money online fail to see any significant results because most people don’t bother to learn the basic principles that are necessary for success online. Most people buy into programs that promise to make them a lot of money without doing anything. Needless to say, they wasted both their money and time which they could have used to make legitimate money with a little work put in.

Who am i and why you should listen to me!
I am an ordinary Nigerian that has earned over N20 million naira online in the last four years. I believe with this, I should know a thing or two about how a beginner can earn legitimately online.
In this article, I will give you a set of principles and tips that when you follow them, you will surely start earning legitimately online in no time.
Without taking much of our time, let’s get started with the principles of earning legitimate income online.
Principle Number 1.
You Must Sell Something
The first thing I will like you to know as a newbie is that, there are no money trees online. Every penny you will earn is coming from someone else’s pocket. Everybody online pay for goods and services because they want value in return.
If you must earn online, you must be ready to deliver value. You must start by deciding what you will sell? Is it a service, physical or digital goods? You must first identify crystal clear what you intend to sell.
Should in case you are saying you do not know what service to render or what to sell, the internet have helped to solve your problem. You do not need to have a personal product to sell. You can make a lot of money helping other people to sell their products.
In fact, from my personal experience, I have made more money helping other people to sell their products than selling my own products.
It is called affiliate marketing. Basically affiliate marketing is all about other people to promote their products and getting a commission whenever a sale is made. If you will like to start earningthrough affiliate marketing legitimately you can see exactly what i am doing here.
Principle Number 2.
Decide on your Niche/what to sell.
Now that you have known that making money online requires that you sell something, either a service using your skill or a product either your own or as an affiliate. Then the next question to ask is what to sell?
From 1980s upward, the world marketing strategy began to change from general product marketing to a niche specific marketing.
What I mean is that, before 1980 most people market everything within their niche. For example, mechanics use to repair all forms of cars in their workshop. But today, there is a change in the trend. Mechanics now have specialization. Those that specialize in Mercedes Benz are different from those that specialize in ford or Honda.
The good thing is that research has shown that this marketing strategy works much better than the general form of marketing.
This applies both offline and online. You must decide on a specific niche and sub niche that you are going to focus on. You can’t just say I want to start selling or promoting products on “make money online”. The niche is too broad. It is better select a sub-niche under it like affiliate marketing, freelancing etc. after selecting a niche, then let’s move forward to our next principle.
Principle Number 3:
Give them what they want. Not what you want
Most newbies promote products based on their personal interest. For example, because a person loves a particular shaving product or book etc., he will start promoting it thinking everyone else will like it.
What you need to do is to carry out a market research and understand the needs of your targeted audience. Google, social media, yahoo answers, quora and other forums like our great nairaland are all places where you can research and understand people’s needs.
Principle Number 4
Which platform I should use?
You have a product to promote; you have an audience that have a problem that you intend providing solution to, now the question is, on which platform you should showcase your solution?
Some online businesses requires that you have a full fledge website or blogs while others might only require a squeeze page or an instagram account or Facebook account.
Some other online businesses might require specialized websites like clickbank for affiliate marketing or fiverrfor freelancing.
At this time, you need to research on the platform you will be using.
Principle Number 5
Promote your product or service to a laser targeted audience. What I mean is that, not all people will buy you products online. Only those that are interested will take your promotions seriously.
Do not say because politics and romance section are the busiest sections on nairaland you will go there and promote make money online products.
Because they are not interested in what you are doing, the conversions are going to be very poor because they are not interested.
I have seen an instance where an instagram account with just about 4000 followers is outselling another account with over 30000 followers.
The difference is that the 4000 followers are highly targeted.
As ordinary as this principles are, they are very necessary if you want to succeed online. This is the first phase of this article. In my tomorrow’s article, I will be revealing the necessary tips that can help to guarantee your success. If you will like to learn exactly what I have been doing in the past few years, please kindly check this Link

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