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7 Secrets Of Freelance Writing

As an aspiring freelance writer, you have always wondered how some writers actually make money from freelance writing; what have they been doing right that you do not know let alone start practising. Or perhaps this a completely new territory for you and you have no idea what
it takes to be a successful freelance writer? We will be sharing some of the trade secrets of freelancers; you will end up finding out that this is not actually a trader a secret but things that have been missed.

1. You Actually Need To Know How To Write

As a freelancer, you need to be above average in your trade, be it graphics design, web design or writing as is this case. You have to be able to write well, it is advisable to keep on learning so that you can refine and improve your abilities. The best writers are those that constantly write, so yes you have to write frequently even if you are not yet getting those freelance jobs you have been targeting. Maybe your grammar needs polishing up? Or your punctuation leaves a lot to be desired? Do you have the foggiest idea how to format an article? Whoa! Hold your horses one moment. Writers have to LEARN their craft. It’s highly unlikely you are so gifted you can decide to be a writer one day and earn money the next.

2. Be Realistic

So you plan on earning living writing stories or articles, you have been dreaming about quitting your 9-5 job with so much gusto to become an accomplished writer. You get to enjoy the flexibility of rising from your bed any time you want; maybe even stay in, breakfast in bed and whatnot and simultaneously working. Reality check, most writers do not live that kind of life, they usually have to be disciplined otherwise they wouldn’t get any work done at all. So as a freelance writer, you will probably have to sit in front of your PC for long periods without anyone watching you. Even on days when you are feeling low on motivation and trust me, those days will come. They do not have the luxury of giving up their day job, not right away at least. In any case, if you were able to churn out a few good, publishable articles or stories a week, you would still have to market them. It can take longer to find a suitable market than it takes to write the article or story in the first place.

3. Craft A Good Writer’s Pitch

Query Letter, Writer’s Pitch, call it whatever you are comfortable with, just know that this is your pitch to an editor to give him or her a taste of the article you are offering to sell. This is a very important part of the marketing process, possibly the most important of all. If you fail to ‘hook’ the editor within the first couple of
paragraphs then you can forget it. If you undersell the piece, he or she may not even want to read your article, no matter how good it is. So it makes good sense to take your time when crafting a query letter.

4. Consistency/Persistence

The consistent writer is the one who gets many chances, you cannot be consistent without being persistent. So as a writer, you need a thick skin, it is only the persistent writer who gets there in the end. If you are the type of writer who has a lot of talent, but can’t handle rejection, then you’re done for. Rejection is all part and parcel of being a writer. The writer who has not received a rejection slip at some time or another is probably still unpublished, even well-known writers get rejections. There have even been some who have had so many that they’ve papered a small room with slips!

5. Choose A Niche

As a writer, you may be tempted to just write about anything and everything. When you do this, you are only setting yourself up for failure. You should pick a niche that interests you the most. There are several niches you can pick from:
  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Annual Reports
  • Brochures
  • Ghost-writing, etc..

6. Research

As a writer, when you want to write on a new topic, at best the kind of knowledge you possess of this topic is ‘scattered’, ‘scanty’ and obscure. When you do researches, your article begins to have a proper structure, what seemed scanty begins to be overfilled with processed knowledge and ideas.

7. Promote Your Work

As a writer, it is imperative to promote your work, be social, open social media accounts for your freelance business. Any work you are allowed to repost, post a small excerpt from it on your social media. Furthermore, aside from social media accounts, you can very well take an extra step, create an online portfolio for yourself, it would cost you nothing to have a website in which you can post excerpts of your work and the link to the full articles on your site.

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