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Affiliate Marketing beginner’s guide

Affiliate Marketing beginner’s Guide

The hardest thing about being an affiliate marketer is getting started. It’s the foundation of a house that’s most important. Once you’re through with this stage, your Affiliate marketing business is almost set and ready to fire! Affiliate marketing is an exciting alternative to the traditional way of making money through advertising on the internet. This is why you need guidance: you need someone to show you the way, to take you by the hand and show you how to make money doing Affiliate marketing. Having said that, here are some important things you need to have to begin as an affiliate marketer. 

1. Determine your niche: Focus is an extremely important part of this business. The more time you spend focusing on a particular niche, the more you’re likely to achieve with that niche. You can decide to focus on Health and lifestyle, or Kids’ toys, or on Travel, Economics, Fashion etc. There are so many niches in affiliate marketing and you can pick one of these niches and spend time learning and developing yourself in them. This doesn’t mean you can’t do a whole bunch of other things but try to limit yourself to two or three products at a time. It is advisable, however, to focus on only one product as a beginner. When you have learnt the ropes, you can decide to venture into other products because you clearly understand how the system works. This will definitely make you more efficient. It may not be a very easy task to determine your niche. There are so many products online. You can use analyzing tools to determine what niches are profitable and sell well. 

 2. Adequate research on the right  products:  Now that you have chosen a niche, carry out what lawyers call Due diligence. This means that you must do your search and adequate research on the product(s) you have selected. This will show you how well this product is doing in the market and how in-demand it is. Naturally, you should choose products that will earn you money online and products that have many vendors so that you can get a larger online audience. After some time, please remember to track you products data so as to help you identify what products are selling well and which ones aren’t selling as much. You can then make improvements and target better results. 

3. Sign up to an Affiliate network: There are many Affiliate networks you can sign up for. Examples include Clickbank, Amazon, JVZoo and Commission junction. In Nigeria, we have the likes of Jumia and Konga Affiliate programs. For a beginner, it’s advisable you choose only one Affiliate network to work with. Go with trusted affiliate networks that pay a decent commission on any product you sell.  Also ensure that whatever network you choose is good and easy to navigate and use and doesn’t have too many regulations and restrictions, so that you can enjoy your work on that network. 

4. Build a website: It is now time to build a website  or a  landing page. A landing page is a digital marketing term. It is a standalone page created for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It is where a visitor lands when they have clicked on an ad or call to action. Building a website from scratch isn’t difficult and has been made easier these days by online tools where you can go and create one quickly within five minutes. You actually need a landing page or a website if you’re going to make good progress in this business. These are important parts of the work that can’t be overlooked. You can also pay to help your website or Landing page get set up. 

5. Drive Traffic: This is the ‘heart’ of the Affiliate marketing industry. A beginner affiliate needs to get people to his website or affiliate network or landing page. If you can’t get people to see your page, or see the product you’re selling, you can’t make profits. A marketer must understand how to generate free traffic and then when you’ve made sales, you can then go on to paid traffic. These days, we have facebook ads as one of the popular ways of generating traffic for a small amount. However, doing this requires a good knowledge of how it works and your being able to tweak the system to favour you because it’s a little bit complicated. It’s nothing to worry about however. 

6. Make sales: When you do all the steps about right, you will sales and this will convert to income. 

One important aspect of this business is advertising and developing a good relationship with your prospective customers and your existing customers. Good luck! 

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