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Continuation: People Are Making Millions From Self Publishing

Yesterday, we started talking about how to self-publish your book successfully and make loads of money Today we will continue how to self-publish that book you have always dreamt of writing and publishing.

1. Formatting Your Self-Published Book

Chances are when you are writing your book, you are writing it in MS Word format, you will have to convert this to Amazon Kindle Format. If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of resources online that can tell you how to format your book yourself for free. You can start by looking at Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) forums where there are plenty of discussions on book formatting.
Also, keep in mind that formatting will look different for fiction versus nonfiction books
  • Make sure your book is formatted properly by using the free online resource above or hiring someone who can handle the formatting process for you.

2. Self-Publishing Your Book

When you feel confident your book is ready for the public, you can create a KDP account and upload your book.
On the KDP main page, locate and click on “Your Bookshelf”.
Locate and click on “Kindle eBook Actions”.
Then, locate and click on “Edit eBook Content”.
Finally, click on “Upload eBook Manuscript”, and upload your manuscript file from your computer.
Amazon also allows you to select 7 keywords or keyword phrases to make sure your intended audience can find your book when searching on Amazon. It’s highly recommended you also select two different categories your book might fit into so you can reach a broader audience.
To select keywords and categories, look at other best-selling books in your niche and notice what keywords and categories those authors chose.
Once Amazon finishes uploading your file, a confirmation message will be sent and you can preview the uploaded file to check for any errors.
Create your Amazon author central account after uploading your book. Include a bio, photo, and link to your website or blog to help you stand out among authors. After a few more steps, you’ll be ready to publish your book, at which time you’ll click “save & publish” in your KDP book dashboard.
Afterwards, you should be ready to publish your book! Just click “save & publish” in the book editing screen!
  • Follow these steps to upload your book. You are allowed to upload your manuscript as many times as you want with each upload overriding the previous.

3. Pricing Your Book

One of the most important decisions when it comes to self-publishing a book is how to price it. The most common question I get from new writers is, “How much should my book cost?”
To answer this, my general rule of thumb is to have your book priced is between $2.99 to $5.99.
To be more specific, when beginning a launch, I would begin by pricing the book at $0.99 for the launch period. Then I would set the price to 2.99, and I would moderately increase the price by $1 every week and measure how well the new price performs. Once you see a sales dip, that will determine the exact price of your book that will guarantee book sales.
  • Find the perfect price by using this strategy that will attract your readers and best drive long-term success.

4. Forming a Launch Team

Your launch team is the group of people who are dedicated to helping make your book successful. They should be a passionate group of individuals who are eager to make your book launch successful.
To find quality candidates, here’s a questionnaire you can use to assess applicants and see if they’re qualified to market your book:
  • Why do you want to support my book?
  • What goals are you trying to reach with this project?
  • How would you market this book?
  • Which influencers would you reach out to and why?
  • Create an application with questions that align with your thought process. Try to be open-minded with those who think outside the box – they may be the perfect candidates that can get your book to become a bestseller.

5. Maximizing Book Launch Exposure

It’s not enough to learn how to publish a book and be done with it. You still have to take action even after your official launch.
As soon as your book goes live on Amazon, be sure to leverage your launch team and your audience to help you market your book! It may be odd to ask your fans for help, but your fans are there to support your project and want to see you succeed. You might be surprised how willing they’ll be to help you if you just ask!
Here are some marketing initiatives you can assign your team and audience to do:
Share content from your book as blog posts across social media
Submit reviews on Amazon
Help build your book’s website
Reach out to influencers for a future guest post or podcast feature
Share a book review on their YouTube channel
Buy extra copies to gift their friends
The additional exposure generated from your launch team and the audience will help push your book up Amazon’s rankings, which will drive more sales!
Create your book marketing launch plan using these methods. Measure each of these methods to see which will best get your book in the hands of new readers and convert into sales.

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