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How a Nigerian can become a successful affiliate marketer and 7 lessons I have learnt in 7 years.

Today, Nigeria is a very tough place to be in, a lot of things are not working the way they should be and the hardship Corona is placing on individuals makes people realize more than ever that they need an extra source of income. 
A lot of people need a very flexible form of side income that will not interfere with their current source of  income, many people need a side Hustle that will not take them more than an hour or two to implement daily. 

You are in the above category of people in my opinion affiliate marketing is the best online business to go into right now. In this article I will be talking about what affiliate marketing is all about and how to succeed in affiliate marketing as a Nigerian. 

What is affiliate marketing and how does affiliate marketing work 

Affiliate marketing basically is performance based marketing that individuals are compensated based on their effort. 

To put this in perspective, “you recommend the product of Mr. A to Mr. B and you earn a Commission if Mr. B purchases the products or service. 
A more typical example: you told Annie about emeka’s products and Emeka pays you if Annie buys any of the products. 

How To Start affiliate marketing in Nigeria 

To get started with affiliate marketing in Nigeria you need to be part of an affiliate program, affiliate network or an affiliate Market Place. 

1. Affiliate program: Online affiliate program basically is a form of program that allows companies to recruit affiliates. An example of these programs include jumia or konga affiliate program. Such programs if you sign up with them and share your affiliate link, you are going to earn a certain commission on every sale that comes through that your affiliate link. 

2. Affiliate network or affiliate Marketplace: These are online marketplaces that Showcases thousands of product for affiliates to come and select and market or promote. In A single Affiliate marketplace you can have thousands of publishers or vendors showcasing millions of their products for Affiliates to come and promote. 
Typical examples of affiliate marketplace or an affiliate network include clickbank, commission Junction and jvzoo.
If you take one example, some of his sites you can earn a reasonable amount of money from don’t accept Nigerians example clickbank. But the truth still remains that Nigerians are still promoting products on clickbank.com and I earning thousands of dollars on monthly basis. 
The best way to learn how to succeed in clickbank in Nigeria is to check the popular guide on affiliate marketing in Nigeria called the affiliate jagaban. It is the most comprehensive guide for Nigerians that want to make good earnings from clickbank.com. Now that you have a basic knowledge of what affiliate marketing is I will be telling you seven lessons I have learnt about affiliate marketing in the last 5 years
7 lessons I have learnt in affiliate marketing in the last 7 years 

Lesson 1: You must discover a proven method: 
Discovering a proven method in affiliate marketing is going to save you years of trial and error. I am saying this because I started affiliate marketing without any proven method whatsoever. 
I believed everything was on Google and I am going to learn from Google. In my first 3years of real dedication I earned only about $60. That is about $20 annually. It was really frustrating until I got a guide until I got a successful affiliate marketer that was ready to teach me all that he had learned in affiliate marketing for a fee. I have also detailed all that I have learnt across the years so that all Nigerians can also learn and emulate here 

Lesson 2: You must persist to succeed in affiliate marketing: You are going to try a lot of things that might not workout, especially without having a proven method. 
sometimes implementing some of the proven methods might take you more time than speculated, what should have taken you 2 hours might end up taking you three hours or 5 hours depending on how the case might be. But don’t give up even when you feel like giving up. Remember the popular saying that says “don’t stop now, gold might just be in the next turn” keep going. 

Lesson 3: Respect your subscribers and build trust 
If you have a list of subscribers, you have to respect them. If their interest is in learning about affiliate marketing, you don’t have any business marketing weight loss programs or even freelancing programs to them and so on and so forth. 
If they had subscribed to your list to learn about affiliate marketing, please promote only very good affiliate marketing courses to them. This is because if you don’t promote what they expect from you to them, you are going to lose their trust and you cannot sell to them any longer. 

Lesson 4: Always ask for review copies before promoting 
if You have a program you want to promote to your beloved subscribers, please always ask for a review copy to be sure that, that particular program is worthy of being promoted to your beloved subscribers. So that you are not going to be promoting garbage to them and they are going to blame you for recommending crappy programs to them. 
Most publishers can give you review of their software or eBook or service as an affiliate so that you can promote them better. Therefore you can have deeper knowledge of how that program works. So, always use those review copies to make sound decision if it’s worthy of being promoted. 
Lesson 5: Build a niche list: 
As an affiliate marketer, you need to have an audience you are promoting product to. I will teach you how to build that list. Such list has to be for a particular audience. List can be those interested in dog training, a list can be pregnant women that want to know about babies, list can be for relationship, list can be for MMO which is make money online e t c. 
Basically you need to have an audience you can reach out to for a particular niche, essence of having a list is so that you will not be promoting baby programs to youth that want to learn about MMO. Having a list means you have a targeted audience. The need for having a targeted list or targeted audience cannot be overemphasized 

Lesson 6: Focus on a product at a time 
I started earlier in affiliate marketing I was promoted to many products at a time, the unfortunate thing about promoting too many product at the time was that none of the products I was promoting had the required time or attention is needed to start generating a reasonable amount of sales. So, I was promoting many products and having no sales. 
You can focus and promoting a product today in a month’s time when you have mastered that product and you feel you can automate it, you can go ahead to promote additional programs. Liken it to a baby that has not started crawling and is intending to start running. You must start gradually and pick up with time. 
Lesson number 7: Ensure that you have a secure connection at all times.
Since some of these affiliate marketplaces do not accept Nigerians you need to have a secure vpn connection access these websites, I will share how I do this in the above guide I shared.
You don’t know what a VPN is, Vpn simply means visual private network. It is software that helps in securing your connection and either hide your location or change your location.
In Conclusion:
If you are not learning affiliate marketing already, I wonder how you are doing your own thinking. This is Because affiliate marketing is obviously the most profitable online business known. Almost all the top online earners today started as affiliate marketers or got their major boost through affiliate marketing. So what are you waiting for?

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