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6 Dropshipping Secrets That Could Earn You Millions With little or No Capital

My Dropshipping secrets that led to my wealth


With the advent of the internet, almost everything has become very easy. Now, almost anyone can start an online business and watch it thrive from almost nothing. It is even easier to reach out to customers, since the world is a global village.

Drop shipping is an online business that has fetched me lots of money. You really do not need any serious technical background to commence the drop shipping business. As it is not like the conventional business line, experience is not that big a deal.

Eventually, you might need some guidance with certain things. Articles such as this would always be available for you to find guidance and direction.

Dropshipping simply involves linking customers to certain products. What it entails is that you select particular products and advertise them. Then when a customer likes it, they make payment. After making payment, you go ahead to purchase those products at a lower price.

The beautiful thing about the dropshipping business is that you don’t have to store up products. You do not need a warehouse or storage facility. With this, you won’t have problems that come with good storage.


The first secret to making it big in the dropshipping business is to use an already established platform. Companies like Amazon would help give credence to your business as they are already established and have credibility.

When you use these reputable names, you would have less problems with deliveries and customer satisfaction. Using this trick has saved me the stress of having to convince the customers of the quality of the product.


The second secret that would help you cash out big is for you to diversify. A large variety of products would be that you can serve a variety of customers.

Say you had goods in electronic gadget, household utensils and baby care. You will be serving youths, women and home owners. This is one way to capture lots of potential customers.


Number three secret that helped me gain fast was because I made use of social media to do my marketing. Focusing on marketing meant that I was pushing my products to even more persons.

As most persons spend more time on social media, it was one sure way to get their attention. I made use of smart content marketing to attract them and then get them hooked.


Another secret I used to rack in so much was to offer my customers discounts for bulk purchases. I calculated and knew that there would still be some profit and then offered bulk discounts. This motivated many customers to buy as everyone loves a discount.


My number five secret was to always post product reviews. I have discovered that customers love to see what their products can do. It has helped in convincing lots of them even before I have to do any work.

Imagine a customer seeing that a phone possesses a camera of 25MP. You wouldn’t need to say much to convince a customer that loves clear pictures.


My number six and most important secret is that I pay attention to the customer. This includes listening to what they are saying and not saying. Sometimes, a customer’s silence says a lot about what they want.

Asking questions that would help me decide the best product for them have kept them coming back.

Dropshipping is great, but there are also some other ways to make money online. The one i prefer more out of all the online businesses is affiliate marketing. you can see how to succeed in affiliate marketing here.

Like most businesses, what is important is for you to put your mind at it. Within a short time, you would start seeing returns. 

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